Reagan Kang

Reagan Kang

GRIT™ Program Coach, BODYPUMP® Trainer, BODYCOMBAT™ Presenter, CXWORX® Presenter


Originally from Penang, Malaysia, Reagan was raised on beautiful beaches and the great outdoors. Now, he is taking Les Mills GRIT™ by storm, praised far and wide for his athletic abilities including his incredible strength and agility, his sculpted physique and his natural charisma and charm. You would never guess that this hard body’s two greatest loves outside of his work are his parents and music.

Reagan first earned a place on the Les Mills Asia Pacific as a BODYPUMP® Trainer and Presenter in 2011 where he showed his talent and was quickly identified by Les Mills International to become LMAP's first GRIT™ Strength DVD presenter on release number 4. He also regularly teaches RPM™, BODYCOMBAT®, CXWORX® and trains new instructors for GRIT™ Strength and GRIT™ Cardio. On his swift rise to international stardom, Reagan says, “through the process of auditions and boot camp training, I’m guessing that Lady Luck must have fancied me quite a bit.”

His work with LMAP has recently taken him from his hometown in Malaysia to a permanent base in Singapore where he teaches in various clubs and travels for workshops and modules.

“The best thing about being involved with Les Mills GRIT™ is that you know you’re about to coach a workout that’s going to make people hate you, but in the end they love you more when you get to the finish line as a team. The team feeling is the best feeling in the world.”