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born to move

BORN TO MOVE® is a series of programs designed specifically for young people from toddler age through to teens, fostering and cementing positive physical habits so they’re hardwired for a lifetime. BORN TO MOVE® builds confidence and develops skills using simple moves, role-playing, stories, games, team building, performance, problem solving and the magic of music.

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b2m 2-3

An Imaginative, Supportive, Explorative World of Music and Movement

b2m 4-5

An Imaginative, Explanatory, Explorative World of Music and Movement

b2m 6-7

A World of Playful Movement, Music and Games

b2m 8-12

A Dynamic Games and Movement Experience

b2m 13-16

Expressive Action and Energy

Get BORN TO MOVE® in Your Facility

Inspire a new generation to be physically active. Change lives, build skills and grow numbers while making a lasting contribution to your community.

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Become a BORN TO MOVE® Teacher

At its heart, LES MILLS BORN TO MOVE® is about children. All children. To be a Teacher, you need an authentic respect and love for each child in your class and an appreciation for the unique perspective they bring.

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Find a Class

Speak with your local fitness centre, school or community centre to see which BORN TO MOVE® programs they are running.
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Check out the science behind the fun!

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Refreshed three times a year, check out the latest music releases for BORN TO MOVE®.

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Here you will find resources to use at your facility that will help you launch the program successfully. These include, certificates, stickers, concession cards and teaching resources to name a few. Can't find what you're after? Email us at