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13 to 16 YEAR OLDS

This class draws from the disciplines of martial arts, hip hop, sports conditioning, plyometrics, dance and yoga, and is led by a trained Teacher who can pick and mix from a constantly updated toolbox of tracks to keep things interesting. A typical class is 30 or 45 minutes long and features moves that you're guaranteed to pick up quickly, while encouraging heightened levels of activity. You'll leave the class with a strong sense of achievement and buzzing with energy.

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What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, sports shoes and a water bottle.

Who will teach the class?

A BORN TO MOVE™ certified Teacher who has been through rigourous training and knows their stuff.

5 reasons you should check out BORN TO MOVE™

It's made for you

Tested and approved by a panel of teen co-creators, BORN TO MOVE™ has been developed just for you. It’s packed with current music and moves you'll actually want to do!

It's social

Everything’s more fun with friends. You'll gain strength from exercising in a group and feel motivated to work harder and push yourself just a little it further each time.

Awesome beats

We've asked around. We know what’s on your playlist - and that's exactly what you'll hear. And if by chance we've missed one of your favourite tracks let us know and we'll try to include it in our next release. Go to We update the music and the choreography three times a year.

Cool moves

This is fitness in disguise. Mixed up in all the fun are combos of simple techniques from some of the world’s greatest sport and dance disciplines that will get you in awesome condition and equip you with some pretty cool skills.

Did we mention it feels great?

It's really simple. If you want to experience the world’s coolest mash-up of martial arts, yoga, hip hop and sports conditioning all in one place, you know where to go. Getting fit and feeling great are just an awesome added bonus.