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Bring BORN TO MOVE™ to your facility and you’ll gain the opportunity to inspire a new generation to be physically active. Change lives, build skills, grow numbers - and make a lasting contribution to your community.


BORN TO MOVE™ is backed by science, co-created with young people and taught by a new breed of instructors.

Each age group’s classes are the result of extensive research and are created specifically to meet their developmental needs, using moves that they can master with ease and content that switches on their motivation and sustains their interest.

LES MILLS will train a ‘new breed of Instructor’ and teach them how to motivate and inspire each age group. We’ll provide ongoing education and support, both on and offline, so that once your BORN TO MOVE™ teachers are on board, they'll constantly be building their skills and their rapport with your young customers.


Young people will want to come to these classes; they will feel a sense of ownership and belonging as they develop a lifelong love of movement and fall in love with fitness. Once you're licensed in BORN TO MOVE™ we will help you kick start your business by offering launch support, teacher training and marketing resources so you can make the most out of this program.

Here's why

  • Six classes for young people aged 2 – 16 years, set to music they love and delivered in a fun and motivating group environment
  • Support with recruiting and training a new breed of instructor – engagement experts who are skilled in coaching young people
  • New choreography and music refreshed three times a year to maintain interest for your youth members
  • An extensive suite of marketing and promotional resources
  • The knowledge that BORN TO MOVE™ classes are underpinned by the latest scientific research, which proves that increased levels of activity result in healthier, happier and smarter children
  • The backing of LES MILLS, the global experts in movement and motivation

Supporting your success

From day one, you'll be supported by a member of our LES MILLS tribe. We'll help you launch BORN TO MOVE™ and maximize its potential once you're underway. And we'll make sure you optimise existing space in your facility, recruit the right teachers and generate high levels of participation.

Want BORN TO MOVE™ in your facility?

We’re keen to talk. Get in touch. Contact Belinda Maggs on +61 2 6215 8144 or email