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Useful COVID-19 Resources for Australia 

There’s so much contradictory and confusing information being shared right now, so to help you continue to support yourself, your team and your members during this tumultuous time, we’ve compiled the following resources and information from around the globe

Digital solutions for Les Mills Club Partners by Les Mills International

Support your members with LES MILLS On Demand by Les Mills Asia Pacific

COVID-19 Recovery Guide by Les Mills Asia Pacific



For Clubs


For Instructors:


General tips and information

Coronavirus Resource Guide for Health Clubs by IHRSA

Coronavirus & the Workplace: Full Reference Guide by Fitness Australia

COVID-19 Resources by Exercise New Zealand

Coronavirus: Why exercise is still one of the best medicines by LES MILLS New Zealand

How to stay physically active during self-quarantine by the World Health Organization

Tips for coping with and managing stress and anxiety by Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Why exercise is more important than ever by Exercise & Sports Science Australia


Other articles

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How to help over 70s stay fit and healthy during self-isolation in The Telegraph (UK)

Tips to survive self-isolation by Radio New Zealand

At-home workout tips in The Globe and Mail

Benefits of exercise during coronavirus in The Seattle Times (USA)

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