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More for less

More resistance and more affordable, the Les Mills Resistance Tube is an economy alternative to the SMARTBAND™. Used in multiple Les Mills programs (with the capacity to be used outside the group fitness studio) the tube is available in three resistance levels: light, medium and hard.


The Resistance Tubes are currently used in CXWORX® and BODYVIVE® 3.1. The availability of multiple resistance levels means that all levels of fitness are catered to. The variety of exercises with this piece of equipment is endless, making it handy for gym floor personal training sessions.

Effective training tool

Resistance tubes provide effective upper and lower body workouts by keeping constant tension throughout the move while incorporating stabiliser muscles throughout the body


Made of thermoplastic rubber with sweat resistant plastic with cushioned handles, the 124cm resistance tubes are a durable piece of equipment that can withstand exercises through full ranges of motion. All tubes come with a 6-month manufacturers warranty.