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grit strength

30 minute high intensity interval training using weights to get you in shape, super fast.

grit plyo

30 minute high intensity interval training that uses power agility training to transform muscle fiber and produce a lean, athletic shape.

grit cardio

30 minute high intensity interval training featuring explosive high impact body-weight exercises to get you super fit, super fast.


High-Intensity Interval Training

When LES MILLS set out to develop a team training program that would get real results we needed to make sure that embracing the fundamentals of high-intensity interval training was the way to go. Working with the AUT University Sports Performance Research Institute of New Zealand we were able to identify that high-intensity interval training is scientifically proven to improve fitness faster than conventional training methods.

To access the full research paper, Get the AUT research paper here.

GRIT™ Series Research

The Science Behind LES MILLS GRIT™ Series

It's a strong claim: get much fitter, faster - while spending no extra time on your workouts.
It's a claim we can prove!

In conjunction with researchers at PennState University, we tested two groups of 42 fit adult exercisers. Both groups did five hours per week of excellent, professionally designed exercise.

Group 1 did three hours of cardio (either BODYATTACK®, BODYCOMBAT®, RPM™ or BODYSTEP®) and two 60-minute BODYPUMP® classes.

Group 2 did exactly the same routine except it substituted one 60-minute cardio session for two 30-minute LES MILLS GRIT™ Series workouts.

After six weeks Group 1 achieved excellent results, recording marked increases in oxygen consumption and strength while decreasing triglycerides, decreasing body fat and reducing waist circumference. Group 2, who did the LES MILLS GRIT™ Series workouts, enjoyed the same benefits but on a much grander scale.

grit stats

You're reading that right: the results were more than twice as good on every fitness dimension for those who did LES MILLS GRIT™ Series.

And when participants returned to their regular workouts, their intensity was higher while their perceived exertion remained the same.

Remember, both of these test groups did challenging, effective workout regimes. Simply swapping one hour a week of cardio for the same amount of LES MILLS GRIT™ Series workouts made all the difference.

Why it works

Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption

Otherwise known as the EPOC effect, it will help you burn calories even after you've finished working out. To learn more about this, and how LES MILLS GRIT™ Series provides the EPOC effect, check out this video.

Growth Hormone


Stimulating the production of growth hormone is the secret to changing the shape of your body, fast. Check out this video to find out how LES MILLS GRIT™ Series will make this happen.

Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber

Whenever you exercise you engage your slow twitch muscle fiber but if you want to maximize your workout you need to unleash your fast twitch muscle fiber - and that's where LES MILLS GRIT™ Series comes in. To learn more about creating muscle definition using both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibre check out this video.