Lompat ke isi utama



With three-quarters of a million repetitions pumped out, 500 bums on cycle seats and hundreds of bodies moving as one to the beautiful Find Me (caveat: in SH’BAM it was beautiful, in BODYPUMP it just hurt) Les Mills Live 2017 was a sweaty hot (winning) mess.

The call of “The Fitness Party” of the year was just too compelling for 1000+ of the Tribe from all corners of the country and overseas to resist – and they weren’t disappointed. Over 2-days 17-sessions of back-to-back Les Mills classes were rolled out taking them from the hilarity of the BODYPUMP mannequin challenge (and a choice cue courtesy of Jako that cannot be repeated here) to the absolutely stunning acoustic rendition of Amazing Grace by singer Cara Bessey setting the mood before BODYBALANCE.

The “Chillout Zone” was a new feature for 2017 where beanbags and lounge chairs were scattered on a “lawn” for sweaty-hot messes to recuperate between classes and enjoy the show from the comfort of their Les Mills beanbag – which P.S since being brought back in to the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) HQ have mysteriously disappeared. The resident graffiti artist we had stationed at the Chillout Zone brought to life a 5-metre canvas over the 2-days revealing a very cool piece of art. His endurance was to be applauded over the 2-days as well as his ability to paint in the dimly lit Chillout Zone “every-time the lights came up I was surprised by what colours I was using”. He needn’t have worried, the end piece was perfect (note to self: install better lighting).

Behind the Scenes was a flurry of tightbump-ins (with reports of an “all-nighter”), seemingly simple tasks such as erecting the “Meet & Greet” back-drop becoming unnecessarily technical, and a mad email deep-dive to try find official Instagram login details – seriously does anyone actually remember their login?

The most beautiful surprise came when you – who had just smashed yourselves in [insert workout here] and took it upon yourselves to assist the LMAP Event Crew with moving equipment to-and-from backstage. It’s back-breaking work, and your efforts weren’t unnoticed. Thank you very much. The next surprise came in the form of the delicious (vegan) BODYBALANCE cupcakes handed out at the end of the master-class: the most skeptical were the ones that came back for seconds. Not a single cupcake remained!

There isn’t too much down-time before the 2018 event is back on the table, your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. This event is for you: To bring us together. To re-ignite the fire (or make it burn brighter). To remember the real reason we do what we do (when it’s 6am in the middle of Winter). Until next time.