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The Dependable Alternative

Established in 1977, the Don Oliver brand of fitness equipment has been specifically designed for use in Les Mills classes and is the original BODYPUMP® barbell system. Functional, durable and affordable the brand is currently used in 15,000 gyms world-wide.


While the equipment has been designed with Les Mills programming in mind, the Don Oliver range can be purposed on the gym floor for small group and personal training sessions


Manufactured with durability in mind, the Don Oliver plates and bars are able to withstand the most demanding routines over time. All goods come with a free 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.


The Don Oliver range of products is an affordable solution when budget is a major factor in fitting out your group fitness studio

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The plates are available in increments of 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg and feature cut-outs so plates can be easily held for free weight plate exercises. The high density plate material does not absorb sweat or moisture and will never rust, chip or need repainting and are also easily cleaned to keep your equipment hygienic.




The durable yet light-weight bars are able to withstand and fit up to 60kg of weight. For added strength and safely the bars feature a welded inside collar.


The standard snap-lock collar is both secure yet quick and easy to release for fast weight transitions during classes