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Fill your classes with Advanced Training


COVID-19 Update – 1 June 2020:  We are continuing to monitor the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation and follow mandates from county, state, federal, and international public safety and health agencies.

Our mission “For a Fitter Planet” ensures we will continue to place the health and safety of our Tribe of Les Mills Trainers, Instructors and exercisers as our number one priority.

Due to the frequency at which the situation is constantly evolving, we have made the difficult decision to cancel some scheduled training sessions, as we believe this to be in the best interest of our Tribe members. The schedule below indicates the Advanced Training that is still set to proceed at this point in time. However, we will update you immediately if anything changes. Please note: due to Government directives in Australia, all scheduled training sessions in this country have been cancelled until further notice.

Of course, if you are showing any symptoms of illness, such as a cough or fever, or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19 in any way, please seek medical advice and contact our Instructor Experience Team to arrange a transfer into another training at no additional expense.

We thank you all for continuing to act with kindness, calmness and respect in this unprecedented time and we look forward to seeing you at an Advanced Training soon.

Our Instructor Experience Team are just a call or click away:
Australia: +612 6282 8192 or
Southeast Asia: +603 2720 8600 or

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What does a great class look and feel like to you? Remember those times when you’ve come away feeling amazing with your teaching - where everything just felt right? With Advanced Training you’ll learn how to create that experience in every single class you deliver.

Advanced Training will help explore how to bring the authentic YOU out more in your classes. The course covers how to grow from a group exercise Instructor to becoming a true Fitness Leader by understanding your why and your values. This means leading from the front, in the essence of the program, showing the enjoyment we all feel when we are confident to own our space!

You have all the amazing foundational tools from your Initial Training, now it’s time to step it up a level. Advanced Training teaches you how to self review and ask yourself WHY you do what you do, what you are doing well and helps you identify what you want to develop next. During the course you will identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to exchange them for empowering beliefs. Watch what that does for your teaching!

We explore the 3 different dimensions of Connect, Educate & Motivate and how it enhances the experiences for our participants and ourselves when we blend these together.

Advanced Training will give you the tools to help pack your classes and give you longevity in your teaching. WHY? Because it’s all about YOU and your development!

For questions on Advanced Training you can see our FAQs or read more on the evolution of this course.



If you answer yes to one or more of the following then Advanced Training is definitely for you!

  • My participants come first and I’m always trying to create a great experience for them to keep them coming back for more.
  • I love exploring and am always looking to better myself and my teaching.
  • I feel the need to re-energize myself as an Instructor as I can get stuck in a rut.
  • Sometimes I doubt myself when I teach and I’d love to learn how to bring out the best in me.
  • Occasionally I feel that other Instructors are better than me and I start to doubt myself.
  • I love what I do and want to keep that feeling for longevity.



Advanced Training will provide you will the skills to:

  • Fill your classes and ensure longevity in teaching.
  • Become a group fitness leader through understanding your values and your why.
  • Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.
  • Enhance the experience for you and your participants.


Kylie Gates Profile Image
Kylie Gates
Les Mills International Creative Director

“When you understand your why, teaching becomes more than a job – it becomes something you will go the extra mile for because you are committed to the purpose.”


  • 2-day weekend course
  • Learn how to become a group fitness leader
  • Find your leadership style by exploring your why, your values and your beliefs/li>
  • Develop your own style of performance within the essence of your program
  • Learn how to enhance the experience by blending the dimensions of connection, motivation and education
  • Practice your skills and grow your teaching through presentations during the course
  • Pre-learning material will focus on and build your technique and coaching skills


Pete Peterson
Les Mills Asia Pacific Advanced Trainer

"To dive deep into your emotions and understand why you do what you do is so powerful, confronting and liberating all in one. Advanced Training is an amazing experience and the two days is really only the beginning!"


Stephanie Angkiriwang
Les Mills Asia Pacific Advanced Trainer

"Advanced Training has helped me to conquer my limiting belief and bring the right state of mind to be the best version of myself when I teach and bring better experience for the participants"

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