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When you are on that stage, in front of a fitness class, you will change lives. All your passion, skill and professional training will go into inspiring and motivating the people in front of you. You will help them fall in love with fitness.

Our job is to unlock your potential for greatness. With proven choreography and music that’s loved worldwide. With instructor training that’s inspirational, informative and on-going. And with our global tribe of over 140,000 instructors, all committed to fuelling your enthusiasm, passion and drive.

Together, we can create life changing fitness experiences every time you teach.





Teach scientifically proven classes to the freshest beats
Know you’re leading safe, effective and fun workouts that your classes will love. Get fresh new choreography and music every quarter.

Grow your career, find your greatness
Your journey as a Les Mills Instructor has no limits. On-going education (quarterly workshops) and Advanced Training as well as amazing career opportunities are all ahead of you.

Make the world your stage
You can take your training all over the world with Les Mills. Our programs are internationally recognised and taught in over 20,000 clubs worldwide, with more added every day.