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[UPDATED INFORMATION]: Something big is hitting your pocket!


Thanks so much for your passion and your responses to our announcement about the Les Mills Releases App coming to LMAP. For Quarter 4, everything remains as it has been over the last few quarters – you will access your kits using the current Digital Kit Portal. Even though the new Digital Kit Portal and App (Digital 3.0) isn’t being released this quarter (it is scheduled to be released in early 2018), here is some further information that we can share.

Will I be able to download my masterclass footage?

Yes you will! When the new Digital Kit Portal and App (Digital 3.0) is launched, you will be able to stream AND download the masterclass video. Via the new Digital Kit Portal, you will be able to download the masterclass footage, music files and a printable copy of the notes.

In addition to the new Digital Kit Portal, the App, will allow you to ALSO:

  • Stream the music and video and view the release notes
  • Download the video, music, and notes all offline to the device for use when you don’t have an internet connection or don’t want to use your mobile data.
  • Turn the presenter voices off and/or turn the subtitles on for masterclass videos.
  • Watch the masterclass video at the top of the screen with the notes at the bottom of the same screen.
  • Listen to the music while looking at the notes, and see the time stamp on the notes and the music player on the same screen.
  • Watch education sessions alongside the associated notes.

What are the benefits of the new web portal and the app?

The Digital Kit Portal and App takes the first in what will be several steps forward in the way we provide education to you.

The current format of education is globally underutilised, and our research has indicated that for those instructors that do watch education, only 2.5 minutes are ever watched at one time. Via the App, education will be much easier to access, and we’ll be able to provide both program specific and general education in shorter, easy-to-digest sessions that will let you reference what you need, when you need it.

Via the Digital Kit Portal and App you’ll have access to a library of current and past education meaning you can come back anytime when you’re ready to review a particular move or teaching concept.

The Digital Kit Portal and App portal contains over 100 education sessions across all programs, 23 new ones about to be released, and 70 valuable past sessions that have been earmarked to be updated and redistributed over the next year. In the last eight months as Les Mills International has been rolling the app and portal out across the world, instructors have watched education over 9,000 times accounting for about 2500 hours of education viewing, and that statistic is growing from quarter to quarter.

What happens now?

The Digital Kit Portal and App are intended to be the foundation from which Les Mills International aims to constantly enhance the way you receive new releases and education material.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

  • For Quarter 4, download your masterclass, choreography notes and music from the digital portal, as per normal.
  • When the new Digital Kit Portal and App is released in early 2018, you will have the option to use the Digital Kit Portal and/or the App. You will still be able to download your masterclass footage, music and notes.
  • If you want to be amongst the first LMAP instructors to try the App, please click the link below to be invited to the test group. You’ll still be able to download your masterclass video for your current and past videos, plus you’ll get access to in-portal streaming, and also instructions for how to download the app to your iOS or Android device so you can try it first-hand.


Click here to be the first to trial the app