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Ten tips on how you can become a Content Marketer


10 Tips

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King”, which was published on the Microsoft website. He begins by saying:


Needless to say, Gates was right in his predictions. Content is what drives the Internet. The most popular online applications in the world are the ones in which we populate the Internet with more content. Social networks, blog hosts, video sharing websites… And then of course, you have search engines like Google who dominate the internet, encouraging us to produce and consume even more content by providing us with a platform to explore and discover new and relevant content for us all the time.

Gates went on to say:


Content marketing has never been easier! Everyone’s doing it, and there is a good reason why…it works! But how do you event begin to produce great, relevant content your members will want to read, or better yet…find?

Here are some basic tips for you to get your content marketing started or… just back on track:

  1. Become a Storyteller
    By telling great stories, you’re able to engage, entice and spark conversation with your (potential) members. You should focus on getting readers talking about your club/facility. Fantastic writing and storytelling will put you ahead when it comes to your competition.
  2. Keep content consistent
    Keep your voice and tone consistent and be authentic. Stay true to your club/facility’s personality. Keeping consistency also helps readers easily flow from one content piece to the next and helps them know who you are. Establish a personality.
  3. Be clear
    Confusing and longwinded content is hard to digest, take the time to develop content that your audience will appreciate and respond too.
  4. Prioritize SEO (search engine optimization)
    To have effective online content you need to make sure it’s reaching the right eyes. SEO is the best way to organically grow your audience through content marketing, and if you’re not prioritizing these tactics, you’re behind.
  5. Be present on Social Media
    So now that you have this great content, how are you going to get it to the right viewers? When it comes to content distribution, social media can be your best friend. Now more than ever, social media is growing and is being used for sources of information. People turn to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even newcomers like Snapchat for fresh content.
  6. Keep Formatting visual
    And here is why, with some eye-popping statistics. Bottom line is visuals are memorable and effective, because they help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly.
  7. See what your competitors are doing
    keep one eye on a competitor, either in your area or just within your industry. It’s a great way to stay on top of industry trends and see what made a certain content piece so successful…or not. Do not steal content to make it your own, but learn and evaluate what is being said and what that could mean for you and your members that will add a value.
  8. Listen to your audience
    Whether it’s a question or a complaint, you should listen because this can play a vital role in your content creation. Listening to your audience on social media will give you new content ideas. Address concerns, questions, misconceptions within the industry not just about your club / facility. Ask yourself how can you add value to your audience? This will work well for your SEO, refer to point 4.
  9. Revisit old content
    Don’t be afraid to revisit content you have previously done. You can rewrite it (update it) and even re-purpose in a new format for example a quiz or a infographic etc
  10. Think long term
    It’s sad but true – you not going to become an overnight success at content creation. Its trial and error to reap the rewards over time. Make the time, set aside an hour or two a week at first, and just start somewhere then build on what you have and what you know and before you know it….you will be producing content like a King.

Tips: start by finding out what content or information your members are searching for, and start to write content that will be discovered through search. Be relevant, remain top of mind, through social media and build a relationship with your (potential) members through the power of content.  Learn to use tools that will help you research keywords that are most often searched for to aid your content creation. Then use your connections and online channels to distribute your content. Reevaluate, optimize and repeat. Most importantly have fun doing it!