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Can I live-stream a workout once my club is open?
You can live-stream a live class when your club is open, provided your Club has a Live-Stream Music Licence and so long as the guidelines associated with that License are adhered to. For example, if in your live classes you currently use cover music (also known as “PPCA-free music” in Australia), you will need to use cover music for the workouts you live-stream. If your class participants are going to be shown during the live-stream then you will need to gain their written permission and show them where in the room they can stand if they don’t want to appear in the live-stream.


Who can live-stream Les Mills classes?
The rules around a live-streamed class are the same as for a live class. It must be taught by an Instructor who is qualified in that specific Les Mills program and delivered on behalf of a Club that is licensed for that Les Mills program. Unlike the live class however, the Instructor does not need to be inside the club at the time of teaching.


Can Instructors live-stream a Les Mills workout out to everyone/anyone? Or does it need to be restricted to my club’s members?
A live-stream class must be broadcast to members through a closed/private streaming platform such as Zoom. It may not be broadcast to the general public (i.e. you cannot broadcast via Facebook Live or Instagram Live). Live-streams must only be made available to your club’s registered members (or select groups of people). This means that most of your live-stream workouts should target current members or participants paying on a casual basis. You can live-stream to non-paying participants for member acquisition activities, in the same way you would do a Club Open Day, but this needs to involve registered participants and small groups only.


Les Mills Asia Pacific recommends Zoom as the platform to use to stream classes. What if my club is already set up with another platform?
Your Club can use a live-stream platform that works best for them and which they are most familiar with. We recommend Zoom as many Clubs, Instructors, and participants will be familiar with this streaming platform and it has some great features. Whichever platform is used, both you and your Club needs to ensure adherence to the terms of use for that specific platform. Please note: it is not recommended to use private Facebook groups to live-stream classes, as music is often blocked on this social media platform.


Can we save or record our live-stream classes for people who can’t make the specific time?
No, your Club’s Live-Stream Music Licence does not permit any live-streamed classes to be recorded, saved or replayed in any circumstances.



Who should a Club contact to get a live-stream music licence?
Each Club is responsible for obtaining the necessary licences to live-stream classes in their country. Clubs should get in touch with the relevant music licensing authority or Performing Rights Organisation (PRO) that represents the songwriters/publishers in their country, to find out about the licences required for live-streaming. Clubs will most likely already have a licence from their PRO for the use of music in live/virtual classes in their clubs.


How do I know if I need to use cover music for my live-streams?
Cover music (called “PPCA-Free music” in Australia) is available to Instructors/Clubs for the purpose of live-streaming. Les Mills cannot authorise the use of original artist recordings in live-streaming. In some countries, the local music licensing authority or performing rights organisation for sound recording rights, may be able to provide licences to clubs to use original artist recordings; however, each Club needs to make their own enquiries to find out if this is possible in their individual situation.


Why do Clubs need to get additional music licences?
Clubs are required to have a licence from the local music licensing authority or Performing Rights Organisation (PRO) in order to play music during live or virtual classes. An additional licence may be required from these organisations, to enable Clubs to deliver live-streamed classes.


Do Instructors need to pay extra for cover music?
If you have previously purchased cover/PPCA-free music then you can use that, and you will not need to buy anything additional. Otherwise, cover music kits are available in the music store after logging into your online Instructor Portal. We will update you if there are any changes to this process, for future releases.


My program doesn’t have cover music available. Does this mean I can’t live-stream?
If your Club’s live-streaming music licence requires you to use cover music then, unfortunately, you will not be able to teach a program that does not have cover music available.



Are any changes required to my Club Agreement with Les Mills to allow me to live-stream regular Releases?
Yes, your Club Agreement does not currently cover the live-streaming of regular Les Mills workouts. If you would like to live-stream your Les Mills classes, you will need to vary your Agreement to include live-streaming, and you should consult your local music licensing authority or performing rights organisation regarding a live-stream music licence. For full details regarding Live-Streaming of Les Mills programs, read our extensive Guide, then speak to your local Business Partnership Manager.


Can I live-stream all Les Mills workouts, or only ones I have a program licence for?
The rules around a live-stream are the same as for live workouts – you can only live-stream programs that you have a licence for, and you need to use Les Mills Instructors who are qualified in those specific programs.


Can we charge our members extra for the live-stream classes?
Yes, this is totally up to you. If your Club is closed and members are not currently paying, you could create an ‘at home’ membership or offer these classes on a pay-per-use basis. There are a number of platforms that can help you with this if needed, such as Move or MindBody.


Is Les Mills Asia Pacific going to charge us extra on top of our program license fees?
To further support clubs during this time, we will not be charging any additional fees for live-streaming until January 2021. The cost after this will most likely depend on each market, and can be discussed with your local Business Partnership Manager.


Where can I find out more information about live-streaming?
You can access our comprehensive Live-Streaming Guide and speak to your local Business Partnership Manager if you have questions or wish to adjust your existing Licence Agreement to include live-streaming.



Do I have to be qualified in the program to teach the live-stream workout?
As with live classes, you are only able to teach programs that you are qualified in.


Can I live-stream on my own if I no longer work for a Club?
No. As with live classes, all live-streamed Les Mills workouts must be taught on behalf of an actively licensed Club and only in the specific programs that the Club is licensed to deliver.


Can I live-stream while my Club isn’t open and I’m stood down or not working?
Live-streaming Les Mills workouts must be done in conjunction with a Club. So if you are not currently representing a Club, unfortunately, you are not permitted to live-stream Les Mills classes.


I skipped Q2 Releases because my club was closed. We are launching Q1 Releases when we reopen. Can I get the cover/PPCA-free music to live-stream Q1 workouts?
Yes, you can purchase them from the online Instructor Portal.


Will I be able to access cover music for my previously purchased back releases?
Not at this point, but we will update you if anything changes.


I haven’t been able to use my Q1 or Q2 Releases because my club is still closed. What are my options?
If your Club varies their Licence Agreement with Les Mills Asia Pacific to include live-streaming and they secure a live-streaming music licence from the local music licensing authority or performing rights organisation, then you may work with your Club to deliver live-stream workouts while the Club is not open. There are conditions for broadcasting live-streamed workouts, so talk to your Club to find out more, including how you can become involved. Remember, Les Mills programs can only be live-streamed by an Instructor in conjunction with a Club.


Can I continue to stream the Les Mills Originals/royalty-free music?
Yes. You can continue to live-stream the Les Mills Originals/royalty-free content (i.e. the temporary live-streaming workouts) via your Club’s official platforms. Your Club may continue to use this content while they remain closed; however, we will not be creating any new content for this playlist. You should speak to your Club regarding their future plans for live-streaming.


If I am live-streaming on behalf of my Club, do I need to be in the Club or can I do it from home or another venue?
You can deliver your live-streamed class from your house or another private venue if you are not able to access your Club. Ultimately, your Club will specify where they’d like you to live-stream your class from.


My Club will not reopen for months. Will there be additional Les Mills Originals/royalty-free music provided for Instructors to continue to live-stream for the Club?
The Les Mills Originals/royalty-free music was a short-term solution to help Clubs and Instructors stay connected to their members during lockdown. Although these Releases were good, they were put together quickly and are not the same premium quality as our standard Releases. You can continue to deliver this content in conjunction with your Club while it’s closed, but the goal of our long-term live-streaming solution is to return Instructors back into Clubs to teach in some capacity.


Do I need any additional educational requirement to teach classes via live-stream?
You do not need any additional educational requirement to live-stream the programs you are already qualified to teach.


Please contact your Local Business Partnership Manager if you have any further questions with or need any support with live-streaming:

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