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In the same period as Quarterly Workshops, you will be able to purchase your Les Mills Quarterly Releases. Your downloadable Kit every quarter includes music, choreography and education.


The Masterclass of a Release is a filmed class for you to refer back to post-Workshop. The Masterclass is filmed typically at the home of Les Mills in New Zealand and features the Program Directors (the creators of the program) and other International Presenters.


Part of the filmed portion of your Release includes a segment on the latest education, innovation and technique specific to your program.

Written choreography

No matter what your style of learning, kinaesthetic, visual or auditory, these Kits have you covered to learn the choreography in a way that suits you. We find that the majority of Les Mills instructors swear by the written choreography notes to cross-reference with the Masterclass and Workshop class.

Technique and coaching guide

As part of the written choreography notes there is a technique and coaching guide specific to each track. Here you will find compulsory coaching cues, follow-up cues as well as the correct execution of each exercise.


A “library” of the most common program exercises for quick reference that outlines movement standards.


Of course! Play it and play it often – one of the best ways to learn choreography is to know the music inside-out. Know when a beat drops and the move changes, anticipate the silence in the music to match your voice, know exactly how many counts to the end of a song to motivate your members to the very end.