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digital music is here

In a world where smartphones, tablets and laptops mean you can now be constantly plugged in, being able to download music, movies, books and games at the click of a button, has become the norm. As the Digital Revolution continues to evolve, and in keeping with the times, Les Mills Asia Pacific are happy to announce we are going DIGITAL.

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What does going Digital mean?

The same music, videos and choreography notes – not to mention education materials you know and love are now a whole lot easier and faster to access.

You can now also purchase back releases online at any time.

Digital release music kits allow you to download the music to your computer and then easily sync it to any compatible device giving you immediate access to your kit from the release date.

Use the same login you already have to access your purchased digital music kits Login

How do I download my kit?

Downloading digital releases is a breeze. Simply login locate your digital kit and save the video, music and notes to your home computer or laptop.

Please note the expiry date of your digital download.

If you have not purchased digital music before, you will have to go to the online store and purchase a digital kit before you can access the digital kit portal to download it.

For our visual Instructor!Watch Video tutorial No time for Video? Download 7-steps guide Still not sure or comfortable about going digital?Digital MythBusters


Quarterly Workshops are a great opportunity to up skill through the education sessions as well as preview the new release with our very own LMAP Trainer Presenter team.

By attending Workshops you will also gain access to the pre-release digital music kit as well as qualify for the workshop rate for your digital music kit if purchased before the cut off date.

Please be aware that from Quarter 4 Workshops you will no longer be able to collect your physical music kits from the Workshop. Physical music kits, will be dispatched on the release date and freight charges will apply.

Still need help?

Read through our comprehensive list of FAQs.

Click here to view our Youtube playlist that has video tutorials relating to all things digital.

Still can't find what you need? Contact our customer service team via email or call +61 2 6282 8192.