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REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE is back for 2019. Held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on March 22 and 23, the annual fitness show gives participants the opportunity to be part of Les Mills workouts in a pumping, party atmosphere alongside other Les Mills lovers and the most popular Les Mills Program Directors (the choreographers of the programs). Featuring BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE, LES MILLS BARRE, SHBAM, BODYJAM and a Friday Night Cycle powered by BODY BIKE®, attendees will get the opportunity to meet and greet Program Directors Glen Ostergaard, Dan Cohen, Rachael Newsham, Gandalf Archer-Mills and Caley Jack.


Why REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE? Attending REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE is a fantastic networking opportunity for Instructors as well as a chance for them to professionally develop as they experience the programs by the best in the world. For non-Instructors? It’s the fitness event of 2019! Developing your Instructors makes good business sense: more than half of gym members attribute classes as a major influencer for attending the gym. This is the ultimate environment for development as the event doubles as the Quarter 1 Workshop in 2019.

REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE is an inclusive event and is also open to your members: they will love participating alongside their favourite Instructor as they hit up the fitness party of the year. Watch as they fall even more in love with Les Mills programs as they bring their passion and energy back to your club!

Early Bird ticket prices are now available  BUY YOURS NOW!