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5 surprising things that will happen as a GFI

5 surprising things that will happen as a Group Fitness Instructor
5 surprising things that will happen as a Group Fitness Instructor

You will say the most profound wonderful things before 6am. Or the most stupid.

The combination of minimal blood flow to the brain, the crack of dawn and your own sleep deprivation can come together in some kind of out of body experience where you are in a twilight zone of genius. Not even you can believe you came up with a cue that should be repeated for the ages and definitely repeated the world over. The flip side is that same deprivation does what it’s designed to do: be your bodies internal warning system to stop what you are doing (especially talking) and conserve energy for survival. Alas this is not an option when you are an instructor, so you say some whack sh*t and hope the random words you have strung together make sense. Or just hope no-one is listening.

You will at one point hate the sound of your own voice

This normally happens when you have taught an excessive number of classes/clients. The sounds that come out of your mouth, the cues you are using will make you want to punch yourself in the face never want to communicate ever again. You will go from the most social person in the gym to the most mute pr*ck at home.

You will never get stuck in a traffic jam

Leave for work at 530am. Check. Home by 7am. Don’t mind if I do.

You will have super-human strength

It’s amazing how much fitter/stronger you become when you are 2-ft higher facing 50-odd people. I have said to my class before, if you don’t think you can finish your set, just turn around and face everyone. Voila. You are stronger. Peer pressure can be a good thing.

You will miraculously remember chorey…just like you will spectacularly forget it

You sortakinda know the chorey, the music starts and you definitely 100% nail it – you even remember that the first set has 7 singles and the second set has 8 with a half count pause at the end. Thennnnnn the chorey you don’t even bother looking at because it’s as natural to you as brushing your teeth and so entrenched in your brain…that you have a complete mind blank. It happens. And it could go either way without warning. All you can do is enjoy the genius of nailed chorey and learn to master the poker face when it all goes to sh*t.

This article originally appeared here and is republished with permission.