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GETTING TO KNOW YOU: Riyo Fukanaga, Rue She & Teoh Yee Sin.


The 3-Suspects

RiyoFukunaga, is the SEA BODYBALANCE Head Program Coach (HPC), BODYVIVE 3.1 Trainer/Presenter and the Training & Events Coordinator for Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) SEA branch. She has been teaching for 15-years.

Having taught well over a decade, Rue She is the HPC for BODYPUMP in SEA, and also a SPRINT and GRIT Trainer/Presenter.

Rounding out the clan is BODYSTEP HPC in SEA, Teoh Yee Sin, who is kept exceptionally busy as a BODYATTACKTrainer/Presenter as well as BODYPUMP and BODYVIVE 3.1 instructor.


LMAP: What or who inspires you?

Rue: Someone who embraces life as it is, accepting strength and weaknesses, and the ability to lift another person to next level.

Teoh: People who are willing to go the extra mile in whatever they do. Many of us tend to stay in our comfort zone – we need to be brave if we want to go further.

Riyo: It inspires me when I see "greatness" comefrom people:this can be in group fitness classes, modules, workshops, offices, literally anywhere!


LMAP: What are your favourite tracks to teach?

Riyo: In BODYBALANCE I like any Hip Opener and Forward Bend. For BODYVIVE 3.1, I love track 4 from the latest release, it feels so strong.

Rue:BODYPUMP 93 tricep Track – Bang Bang. It brings back great memories of the Presenting team and all the fun we had!


LMAP: What advice or tips would you give to new instructors?

Teoh: It takes time and hard work to go from zero to hero!Be patient.

Rue: Take one step at a time, don't rush into perfection and enjoy every step of the journey. Don't be lazy, no excuses and keep hustling on action plan to reach your goal.

Riyo: One thing at a time. Often it seems too much to handle when you are new, but it's actually very simple. Remember K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple and Sweet!)


LMAP: What advice or tips would you give to experienced instructors?

Riyo: Balance is the key so we can enjoy doing what we love for a long, long time.

Rue: Stay out of that comfort zone, everyday is a new day of learning

Teoh: Do something out of the ordinary from time to time to keep the passion for teaching alive. Always help the new instructors to grow, we were once there too!


LMAP: If someone were to play you in a movie, who would it be?

Rue: Lucy Liu. Asian beauty displaying strength and sexiness.

Teoh:Chris Hemsworth – Just imagine Thor teaching BODYATTACK!


The Suspects (and where you will see them in action at Q3 Workshops 2017)


Bangkok: 19 August

Kuala Lumpur:20 August

Jakarta: 27 August

Rue She

Singapore: 19 August

Vietnam: 26 August

Teoh Yee Sin

Kuala Lumpur:20 August

Philippines: 27 August