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Who you gonna call?


Your Instructor Specialist team is your one stop shop for any and all of your questions when it comes to anything instructor-y. No question is too simple or challenging for this resourceful and experienced team. The honour is all ours to introduce your state specific Instructor Specialists:

For instructors (and potential instructors) in NSW, SA and TAS: Jason

Jason has been there, done that, having been through the entire training process from Initial Instructor training through to the Advanced Instructor modules. He is your wealth of knowledge no matter where you are in your instructor journey – not to mention a tech gun to help you out with your resource digital downloads.

His top tip for those thinking about becoming an instructor is this: “bring your passion with you. If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor, you probably love the classes you attend – don’t be afraid to enjoy what you do and let it show!” For the more experienced instructors his advice is to never stop learning and have fun “with the music, lyrics, your participants, whatever and whoever!”

Contact: or 02 6215 8146

For instructors (and potential instructors) in QLD, WA, ACT: Andy

Got a question about ANY program? Then Andy is your best bet, trained in an extraordinary 11-programs as well as personal training around the traps in Canberra, including Parliament House…of course! “I have real life experience in many different disciplines and have a deep understanding of the Les Mills products”

Andy has plenty of practical advice to aspiring instructors that has come from years of experience and is able to caringly guide you as you progress from participant to instructor. Because he has also completed Advanced Instructor modules, he is a wealth of knowledge for experienced instructors too and is an advocate of the up-skill-feedback loop “you can always develop and learn."

Contact: or 02 6215 8138

For instructors (and potential instructors) in VIC and NT: Mel

“Most people are too afraid to make the leap from participant to instructor because they are unsure of the process. Just know that all members of the Instructor Specialist team have been through this process and are more than happy to guide you through and answer any questions you may have”.

As well as being a gun at her favourite program (BODYATTACK) “for the uncomplicated sequences and body-weight exercises” Mel is a bit of a champion in her own right achieving a podium finish at IFMA World Championships 2014 (Muay Thai) and becoming the 2017 WAKO Oceania K1 Champion (kickboxing). It’s no surprise that Mel isn’t afraid of the hard questions and is unwavering when she says “I may not have all the answers, but I’m not afraid to find and out promptly and get back to you." 

Contact: or 02 6215 8136

For instructors (and potential instructors) in South East Asia: Chloe 

Stay tuned our SEA friends, you will have your very own instructor specialist soon! In the meantime the lovely Chloe will help you out:

Trained in BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE and GRIT, Chloe is not done yet “I want to add SPRINT to the list!”

Chloe’s instructing philosophy mirrors her work ethic getting great satisfaction from being part of the journey “I love being part of a participants experience…seeing the shift in their strength is incredible – just like I get a kick out of signing up a nervous fan of a class and seeing them through to becoming an inspirational instructor”.

Her specialty is Certification, and her best advice for instructors is all about being you “relax and let your personality shine through! The most memorable classes are the ones where the instructors have been themselves and allowed their quirky traits to positively influence the class”.

Contact: or +61 2 6215 8133