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Make cycle trend again!

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We’ve heard the jokes: pedaling fast and going no-where. Cycle gets you no-where fast.

Yeah. Good burn. We don’t mean to interrupt these nay-sayers with, um, facts but cycling is one of the most versatile workouts for members: low-impact, minimal chorey, suitable for the beginner and athlete alike not to mention the cardio benefits, lower-body strengthening, killer music, obviously the finest Instructors and STOP PRESS the best anti-ageing product (science said – so there!)

We know we are preaching to the converted – but we NEED YOU to share the Cycle love.


Here’s the thing: in the next few months Les Mills will be shouting from the proverbial roof-top: RPM! SPRINT! THE TRIP! The more members we get in to cycle, the more clubs will populate their timetable with said cycle classes, the more work for you and me and so the cycle continues (ha! Good one). AND if you are unfortunate enough to not be a Cycle instructor, well clip-in because #cycleWILLtrendagain.

Here’s where you come in (and bring your loyal followers!)

Love it or hate it (and sometimes both at the same time) – social media is the most powerful way to make a statement, fast. Earlier this month we shared with you (via email) a range of exclusive Cycle social media images, profile picture frames and hashtags to plaster your fave social platforms. Missed them? Check your spam, otherwise Download here. Don’t be shy, make a statement! Use the provided social images to promote your classes, tag your club, tag friends to come along (or people you hate – whatever), if there is the opportunity (and you have the member’s permission!) bust out an Instagram story, or a sweaty selfie-after. Share share share the love and by doing your bit in your lil’ corner of the world – that’s how we’ll make #cycletrendagain!


We can’t wait to see cycle classes grow and trend, and to show those fancy-schmancy group fitness people that we are going no-where fast…and proud of it!