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Meet your BODYATTACK Team

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Over the next 2 months in the lead up to BODYATTACK 100 we meet some of your BODYATTACK Presenter team. Today we meet Yee Sin Teoh of Malaysia and May Nilo of Singapore. We’re not sure if there is a link here: but both of them were accountants before they moved to BODYATTACK!

Yee Sin Teoh

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Teoh was in the accounting and auditing industry and started teaching group fitness in 2004 “BODYATTACK 50 was the first release launched in Malaysia and I fell in love with the high energy moves and music”. Now a Trainer and Presenter in BODYATTACK, his love of the program always comes back to his members; the results they achieve keeps him going.

Self-confessed ice-cream addict, Teoh puts as much love in to his class preparation as he does in to ice-creamy goodness! “I listen to the music and watch the video before every class to remember choreography 100% to make sure it’s delivered accurately in class”. Teoh inspires countless members every week in his classes and no doubt has inspired hundreds of would-be BODYATTACK instructors. His advice to aspiring BODYATTACK instructors includes having participated in a minimum number of classes (10) – it seems what goes around comes around as the people he looks up to are his fellow Instructors.

May Nilo

Fellow accountant and BODYATTACK Presenter May Nilo hails from Philippines but is now based in Singapore. May’s story in BODYATTACK is an inspiring one from participant to pioneer Presenter for the program. It was her love of the program and inspirational participants “just doing their best” is what encouraged her on her Instructor journey. Her advice to aspiring instructors is reflective of her experience “I always believe that when you want to teach a program you should have the love for the program”. Of course she says this is coupled with being physically and mentally prepared to push your limits!

For May, her inspiration is BODYATTACK Program Director Lisa Osborne, citing her energy and positivity as the main draw-cards “she makes me work on myself to be physically fit, get stronger and even fitter”. It’s no surprise that May’s most memorable moment was sharing the stage with Lisa herself at a previous Les Mills Live event. She is also quick to add that in the most recent round of Workshops she was delighted to be Presenting in her home country “it was a dream come true. I always love looking back to where I've started and show how I've grown. I wanted to inspire them”.

You can experience BODYATTACK 100 with Teoh and May in the Q1 round of Workshops this March.