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Move the World: Workout for Water


If anyone has the drive and determination to change lives, it’s you. As a Les Mills Instructor, you change lives every time you step into the gym.

Which is why we hope you’ll be excited to take part in our Workout for Water event this November – a truly global fitness fundraiser for the charity UNICEF – and change lives on a scale like never before.

On 18 November, you can turn any (or all!) of your Les Mills classes into a Workout for Water.

To help get everyone excited, and help plan your event, in the coming days you will receive a link to the Move the World Launch Toolkit. The Toolkit includes information and resources to help execute a successful event including social media images, videos and how to set up a fundraising platform.

To make your class extra special on 18 November, shortly you will receive a free track and chorey for you to download and drop in to your mix on the day. The workouts will represent the average journey to collect clean, safe drinking water in East Africa – helping your class connect with the people whose lives they’ll be transforming.

We are so humbled to band together with you as One Tribe for this Life Changing event and look forward to seeing and hearing your stories from 18 November.

Clean water. It’s fundamental for our survival. It fuels our bodies and our workouts. But, around the world, 2.1 billion people don’t have access to it.

That’s why UNICEF are installing clean water pumps in vulnerable communities. The pumps cost AUD $516 to install and can protect a whole community from deadly disease, help parents grow crops and allow children to go to school.

And that’s where you come in. Together, we can raise enough funds to help UNICEF bring clean, safe water to thousands of people and change lives on a global scale.

And all proceeds from your Workout for Water will go to support UNICEF – and help build life-saving clean water pumps in East Africa.