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Outside the studio: HIIT


Outside the Studio: Cycle was the inaugural closed Facebook group for Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) with a goal of bringing together RPM and SPRINT instructors in an orgy of cycle education. It was a hit! 513 of you joined the group where Head Program Coach for RPM and Sprint Dallas Blacklaw, a bevvy of LMAPTrainers/Presenters and you contributed to an insightful week in May.

If you hadn’t joined, feel free to join now and have a look back at the meaty content you won’t find anywhere else.

The next “classroom” to open it’s doors forOutside the Studio is HIIT. During the week of 24-28 July we will ramp up activity on the page focusing on GRIT Series and Sprint (Sprint instructors –you lucky things you get a second bite of the cherry!). Taking the reins will be Andrew Taylor, Head Program Coach for GRIT and seasoned Outside the Studio professional Dallas Blacklaw.

Search for Outside the Studio: HIIT on Facebook andour friendly team will add you as a member. Be sure to invite your fellow HIIT instructors too.

See you Outside the Studio!