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Quarter 3 Program Updates


BODYPUMP –new 45 minute pilot format

In response to feedback BODYPUMP® will be piloting a new 45-minute format.

The new 45-minute format will include 2-tracks that combine muscle groups: biceps/triceps and lunges/shoulders.

With consumers demanding shorter workouts this pilot will see the same muscle groups being targeted as the regular 55-minute format. Please note that this format does not replace the regulation length BODYPUMP® class, it is simply another option where clubs offer 45-minute classes. You can still offer the current 45-minute format where the bicep and tricep tracks are simply removed.

The new 45-minute format looks like this:

  • Warm up
  • Squats
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bicep/Tricep
  • Shoulders/Lunges
  • Abs
  • Cool down

See your chorey notes from BODYPUMP® 103 for more detail.

BODYSTEP – new format Track 5

BODYSTEP is in an exciting new growth phase and Mark Nu’u (Program Director) and Lisa Osborne (Chief Creative Officer) want to make sure that the program continues to capture a range of new members as well as offer current steppers a different way to do their favorite class. They knew that it needed to be simple, as well as offer a great workout: enter the new-format Track 5!

The objective stays the same (Mixed Strength), and still mixes training styles with cardio to cross-train and work the lower body. The key difference is that the focus is now on simple functional training, without the complexity of choreography. This serves a two purposes: firstly, it gives the brain time to rest, and secondly, brings more intensity to the workout.

You will notice:

Delivery style: there’s more of a ‘coaching’-style delivery, focusing on clear Layer 1 cues, and options

Music style: a clear difference in the music style moving from the Track 4 into Track 5, and then again moving into Track 6 after Track 5. It’s similar to music that you might hear in the Athletic Circuit

Exercise selection: may include, cardio, lower body, upper body, use of weight plates, interval training and plyometric training.

BODYVIVE 3.1 – The future of the program

BODYVIVE 3.1 release 44 is the collaborative creation of Diana Archer-Mills and the team at Les Mills International (LMI). BODYVIVE 3.1® continues to incorporate 25-minutes of low-impact cardio, with options to moderate impact. The program still includes cardio, band work, core back and abs, and a stretch to finish.

Release 44 is simplified and slower: simplified choreography and slower BPMs (beats per minute). This enables you and your members the time to focus on technique and the time to work deeper in to your range.

Highlights and innovations of this release include the Ballet-inspired Track 4, two Track 6’s with different strength focuses and two Track 7’s which will have your glutes fired up in all dimensions. To ensure the demographics in your classes are being catered to, two alternative tracks are provided. A traditional ‘aerobic’ warm-up rather than a functional one, in addition to a strong athletic feel in the alternative Track 4.