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Five years after revolutionizing fitness systems, SMARTBAR returns with improved design, durability and looks to deliver SMARTBAR 2.0 to the global market.

Equipment is the 3rd largest driver of membership decisions, with 47% of people citing equipment as a major influence when looking to join a gym.

Beautifully designed and extensively tested, the new SMARTBAR provides the right business solution for clubs by offering an improved experience for their members: an investment in quality and durability that flows through to customer satisfaction and retention.

An evolution of the award-winning and game-changing SMARTBAR, SMARTBAR 2.0 is the culmination of intensive testing and development, underpinned by insights gained from five years in market. Already the industry standard for ease-of-use and high performance, the next generation takes operational and structural quality to the next level.

“The evolution of the SMARTBAR aligns with the constant innovation of Les Mills group fitness classes and a commitment to excellence and quality,” says SMARTBAR designer David Lovegrove. “All elements of the design are carefully considered to further enhance the user experience, performance and safety – allowing users to push themselves harder and faster than ever.”

All of the original features your members already love and value have been enhanced, including:

  • Weight plate release/removal is easier and smoother
  • Greater strength and stability of moving parts
  • Sleeker, slimmer design and increased protection against wear
  • Improved ergonomics and facelift for the weight plates
  • Two new weight plate increments allowing more user options
  • New three-year warranty (vs. 2-year) for both bar and weight plates
  • Original and new systems completely inter-operable
  • Greater capacity and simpler construction of rack

As well as these functional and aesthetic improvements, the sophistication of the SMARTBAR 2.0 design and manufacturing process acts as an in-built deterrent to the ever-present and increasing risk posed by counterfeiters.

SMARTBAR 2.0 has been through extensive strength and life-testing – including being dropped over 80,000 times— to ensure it meets the expected life in a busy studio environment – the result being one of the lowest failure rates in the fitness equipment industry. This increased durability offers excellent return on investment over the prolonged life of the product.

The new three-year warranty also partially offsets initial costs, and demonstrates Les Mills’ confidence in and commitment to the integrity and value of the product.

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