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SPRINT #9: Behind the scenes


Being selected to partake in filming is a collective nod from the powers that be essentially saying you arethe program. Your persona. The words you say. The way you say them. The way you move; embodies the program so-much-so that the world should learn this release from you.

To be selected for a third time to present then – is some remarkable kudos and are proud to announce that Dallas Blacklaw has clocked up the trifecta of filming nods.

Dallas’s third filming came off the back of Les Mills Live, from presenting on the biggest stage in Australia to the biggest stage in the world,quite literally steppingoff the bike at Les Mills Live and stepping on to the plane Auckland bound.

“I flew out to Auckland for SPRINT filming straight from Les Mills Live in Sydney, which was an amazing lead in to filming week. The enthusiasm from both our Trainer and Presenter team and the whole Les Mills Instructor Tribe was inspiring, energising and kept me in the right head space to make the most of what was to be an exciting, challenging and ultimately a successful week”

Proving that you can always learn something new no matter how much experience you have, or how high on the ladder you have climbed, Dallas shares his learnings from his filming experience:

  • Mastery is in the simplicity
  • Deliver coaching information upfront, follow up on that information, then focus on feel
  • Conversational voice brings clarity when delivering information and provides contrast in your coaching tone at different times throughout the session.

It would be remiss of us not to pry and get a sneaky heads up on the next SPRINT releasesthe filming set this time was next level and brought a whole new feel to the class. The music and the workout plan is really varied and just works so well with this type of training”.

We’re not sure if we believe Dallas, but he does say “there is a big focus on enjoyment” (to be fair he does use the caveat “in a very SPRINT training way) and celebrating with your team when you are “right in the belly of the beast”.
And in some real behind-the-scenes goss “there may have been a late change to the presenter line up due to a unplanned mishap from one of the team performing a Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee inspired movement”…

What happens at filming, stays at filming.