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Things every group fitness instructor thinks


On September 8 we put the call-out on the Les Mills Asia Pacific Facebook page “things every group fitness instructors think” – and wasn’t it nice to see so many familiar thoughts? Sometimes all in the one class. If you have a moment srcoll through the pages of classic responses: we really are One Tribe. Here are just some of the crackers:

Did I just do the right side or the left? What’s my left side? – Doug

Stop saying awesome, you've said awesome 10 times already, pick a new motivational word....
"Awesome guys"... dammit you said awesome again! – Claire

I think I forgot to shave my armpits – Melody

Is this the end? Or is the bit with the awkward pause? (did I pass that pause already?) – Alissa

Crap, just called my knee my elbow– Rebecca

As a new instructor it's great to read all the gives me hope – Brett

It gives us all hope Brett. It gives us all hope.

Special mention

While this next comment from the aforementioned post didn’t necessarily fit the brief – it’s definitely worth an honourable mention:

In Spanish, the words for shoelaces and condom sound very similar and it has been known for me to coach the roundhouse kick by accidentally instructing members to strike the opponent using your condoms – Scott