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To fan or not to fan?

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fan image

Is there a more contentious issue in your class than…the fans*?

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. Turn on the fans. Turn off the fans. Turn them on in track 2, turn them off in cool-down.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness facility standards guidelines, the ideal air temperature is between a balmy 20-22 degrees with humidity at somewhere between 40-60%.

From “can you turn the fans on, I’m going out after and I don’t want my make-up to melt” to members taking it upon themselves to come up to the stage and turn off fans, there are as many temperature stories surely as there are music volume ones (a story for another day!). One of my favourite outbursts is still “I resent the air-con being on when I walk in to the gym”.

It’s nigh impossible to satisfy individual temperature needs in a group fitness setting, with some people like yours truly doing one dead-lift and boiling to death (even in the middle of Winter) to my reptile like friends who need the environment to regulate their warmth. A vox-pop around the traps suggests there is no official stance on air-con in club-land and with some of the stories coming out it sounds like air-anachy out there. Kylie from VIC even has a term for it: Fan Wars.

From the regimented Natalia (SA) “fans on after warm-up despite, tears and rioting” and “I just say no fans til I say” (Melinda from Tassie)to the der“move away from the fans if you are too cold” (Zoe, ACT), there are a million and one ways to keep the peace over this hot topic.

I wish I could claim that, but I do have to thank Stephen** from VIC for that classic.

Kylie from VIC is most loving, preferring a peaceful “human kindness” approach for a comfortable experience for all “oh the drama of a bit of air blowing over you”.


However you choose to deal with the ambient air around you, just remember it’s a group environment and you will never please everyone, you can only do your best. If it’s not the air temperature, it’s your track selection, it’s the volume of the mic, it’s the way you breathe…this though has to be the line of the moment courtesy of Verity from SA:

“There are no outbursts, but definitely passive aggressive jackets”

*not your groupies in this context. We’re talking about temperature

**I’d like to abuse my power here and use this public platform to apologise to Stephen for all the sweat-bands I have “borrowed”.

By Marie Anagnostis