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Top Tips: Performance


Recall the last time you were captivated by an experience: maybe you were buried in a good book? Standing in awe of a sunset? Watching your favourite artist perform?

How did it make you feel?

Regardless of your specific feeling you were swept away on a journey, weren’t you? Your senses were heightened, you actually stopped thinking and started feeling. And we can create this feeling in our classes. Welcome to our final instalment of Trainer Tips, the 5th key element: Performance.

“Get all the key elements right first. The basics are key because they will allow you to be free to create magic. I try and think about what the magic is in each track, and how to create continuity from start to finish (of the class).” – Inge Gnatt, BODYBALANCE Presenter Performance Coach (PPC), CXWORX Trainer & Presenter

“The masterclass may give you performance ideas, use these if they 'sit well' with you. If they don't, then don't go there, they will look awkward. Once you have a performance idea practise, practise, practise so it comes off seamlessly.”– Libby Howard, BODYBALANCE and RPM Trainer & Presenter

“Read the room. Sometimes your class might be a bit flat and need some extra perking up. Experiment with this to find something that works with the class as a whole. It might be some more motivational coaching, or pulling out a cool dance move during your step touches, or even as simple as getting participants to interact with each other (high five). However, you also need to understand that different moments work for different programs and different classes and different time slots on a timetable.”Josh Wilms, SH’BAM & BODYJAM Presenter

“Be brave! Have a go at it. Script in 1-2 performances into class. Go for it! It doesn't have to be a huge 'act', especially if that doesn't sit somewhat naturally for you. A subtle movement on a beat or particular lyric of the music can definitely have an impact. You could start by really nailing the finales.”– Renee Jones, BODYPUMP Trainer & Presenter, BODYCOMBAT Presenter

“For me it’s all about authenticity and being unapologetically you. Own who you are, your funny quirks or personality traits can enhance the experience. The biggest thing I can suggest is to let the honesty of the movement and music match with your honesty or authenticity.” – Jamie Winbank, SH’BAM Trainer & Presenter, BODYSTEP and BODYVIVE Presenter