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What they don’t teach you at Training

what they dont teach image
what they dont teach image

This article is rouge.

I’m risking life and limb publishing this – but you need to know this stuff. It’s the stuff you don’t get taught at module training. Shall we call it AIM 5? Shall we call it unwritten rules that are passed on from generation to generation of instructors? Whatever the label – you need to know:

It’s your responsibility

If you have agreed to cover a class and can’t do it anymore (it happens), it is your responsibility to find the cover, not the original instructor.

Team teaching

If you don’t have the mic, you are basically the Destiny’s child to Beyonce. You may not outshine the person with the mic, so just be normal and do the chorey without flair (you’ll get your turn at being Beyonce). If Beyonce says you’re doing all the high impact, then you’re doing the high-impact no argument. If Beyonce messes up, you mess up too.

New releases

If you have agreed to team-teach a launch – this is iron clad – YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE LAUNCH. The unspoken agreement and assumption is that each team member is only learning their allocated track, so not turning up, or changing your mind is not even a thing.

The management of Les Mills Asia Pacific does not condone this article. Actually they might not have even seen it.

This article originally appeared here and is republished with permission and less profanity