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Your Greatness


Dedicated to helping instructors achieve greatness

One part of the Les Mills Asia Pacific mission is “supporting instructors to achieve greatness”. Whether it’s the workshop experience presented each quarter, the up-skill of the Trainer team to deliver world class training, the creation of an Instructor Specialist team our bread and butter is to support Your Greatness.

Great instructors create unforgettable fitness experiences. As a Les Mills instructor you are an inspiration to the people around you. An inspiration to us. That’s why we would love to recognise, share and celebrate Your Greatness through your story of why. Why do you do what you do?

Your why is the thing that got you started.

Got you started teaching.

It’s what motivates you to get up every morning.

It’s putting everyone else’s workout before your own.

It’s seeing the potential when others can’t.

It’s the reason you work harder to achieve greatness.

Your why is the passion. The dedication. The perspiration.

So, what is your why?

Shortly we will be inviting you to share your Why (stay tuned to LMAP social media channels) and in late November we will nominate select stories and invite you to a photo-shoot that will be used for future Les Mills Asia Pacific marketing purposes.

People have to work. But they choose to train. And that makes teaching a responsibility and a privilege – Felicity, NSW

Working out makes me feel good. If I can gift that to someone else every day, then I know I'm making a difference – Karen, QLD

Because I've always felt overwhelming compelled to want to pay forward the energy, enthusiasm and inspiration I experienced as a participant in class – Rachael, NSW