This article hasn’t been sanctioned. In fact I considered not publishing it at all. But I thought this story was a too powerful reminder of the impact you have on the people in front of you in case you forgot.

In case you forgot when you had the shits when you went over your download limit at Quarterly Release time. When someone yells at you for the music being too loud. The air-con being too cold. When the Quarterly Workshop was the other side of the town. When that early morning class just felt so. Damn. Early.

But then the wake-up call.

Coming 2018, we are excited to introduce a 3-day Initial Module Training (IMT), a move from the current 2-day module. Day 3 is 8-weeks later and is your Certification day.

Do not fret! With this new initiative, you will experience a more structured and supported journey in delivering great classes.

Your IMT journey


You can register for IMT here:

Pre-Module Preparation

A total of three education sessions were delivered as part of the Quarterly Workshop program in 2017. These sessions are part of the Instructor Greatness initiative designed to elevate Les Mills Instructors as the most sought after in the industry. The education sessions were applicable to all programs with the following topics: the art of mastering new releases, team teaching with the music and teaching with vocal contrast.

Q2/2017: the art of mastering new releases

Guys and Gals

Even without a cursory glance at statistics, it’s no surprise that Les Mills Instructors are overwhelmingly female. The program with the most even split of male:female Instructors is BODYCOMBAT followed by BODYJAM. The biggest gender gap where females outweigh males almost 4:1 is BODYBALANCE and BODYSTEP. The only program where males outnumber females is The Trip.

Part 5: Quarterly Workshops

It’s Workshop day! Over three months ago, the Program Directors started putting this release together and now the day has come where the fruits of their labour is presented to Instructors. This is the final part of the series, how is a Les Mills Release created?

2017. The year of Despacito. The year of the brand new Taylor Swift. The year of La La Land not winning the Best Picture at the Oscars. The year of Beyonce’s baby bump and another royal engagement. It was a year of ups, downs, highs and lows.

New Year speak 101 instructs us to introduce this article with “It’s set to be a big one in [insert year here]”. But that’s the exciting part when you’re in the thick of the fitness industry: there is always news. 2018 IS set to be a big one.

3-Day Initial Module Training

The survival of the fittest is an apt way to describe the fitness industry. One minute we’re self-righteously spending hours on the gym floor, the next we’re doing HIIT and even 30-minutes seems like an eternity. One minute we’re nailing a box-step-grape-vine combination, the next we’re functional training with a forward stepping lunge and rotation.