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10 signs you are a BODYPUMPer


So you have found yourself attending BODYPUMP® classes at your local gym a couple of times a week for a while now. You probably know the order of the tracks, have your weight allocations sorted and are hitting each rep on the beat but how do you really know if you are a true BODYPUMPer? Well if you answer ‘Yes’ to more than five of these you might have your answer.

If BodyPump were a rock group, it would be the Rolling Stones.” - Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald

  1. You know there are no DOMS in the world like haven’t-been-to-bodypump-for-two-weeks DOMS.
  2. You feel a strong sense of camaraderie when the entire class starts clean and pressing in time, is someone filming this?!
  3. Public toilets no longer scare you because you smash out 100 squats a workout.
  4. You find yourself preaching to all your weightlifting friends about the benefits of ‘the rep effect’ because only doing 30 bicep curls just seems crazy?
  5. You know the international sign for ‘fans on’, and it usually coincides with the end on track two!
  6. Any song with a good beat has you instinctively choreographing your own chest track complete with combo’s, motivational cues and the timely announcement of ‘singles!!’
  7. Getting through the whole track when you have upped your weights gives you almost as much happiness as your wedding day did.
  8. You feel strangely satisfied about how utterly fatigued every muscle in your body feels.
  9. You curse the fact you drive you a manual car the day after a massive lunge track.
  10. You find yourself dead-rowing all over the house- picking up a washing basket becomes the perfect op for lift-row combo.

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