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10 reasons to add CXWORX® to your training


By Matt Sadler, Head Program Coach, CXWORX®

A strong a core is the foundation of all training, if you have a strong core it will aid all your other workouts. Head Program Coach, Matt Sadler gives us 10 reasons why we should all be doing CXWORX®. 

  1. Time effective: It’s perfect for your lunch hour or to tag on to the end of your cardio/weights workout. 
  2. Enjoyable: Yes, there can be moments of fun during CXWORX®…laughing has been shown to further work your core! We aren’t here to just do a whole lot of crunches. 
  3. Increase functional strength: Training the abdominals in an upright position leads to increased functional strength. The combination of isolated and integrated core exercises also ensures that your core musculature is challenged in many ways.
  4. Work your core not just your abs: The core consists of more than just your abs and back. Training the gluteals and deltoids has been shown to cause significant engagement of the core musculature.
  5. Work those glutes: Training the gluteals promotes effective knee tracking and can ultimately sculpt a great looking butt!!
  6. Experience Group Fitness motivation: CXWORX® allows you to train alongside others and experience the camaraderie gained whilst challenging your core.
  7. Target your sling muscles: Train your body’s sling mechanisms which enable effective load transmission from the lower limbs through to the upper. 
  8. Options to suit you: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first timer or a ‘hard-core’ regular, CXWORX® is a multi optioned workout; allowing every person in the room to access the safest, most effective workout to suit their current fitness level.
  9. Proven to be effective: Research from Penn-State University shows that the exercises, duration and structure of CXWORX® is effective and achieves what the program promises to deliver. ”The intensely challenging 30min core workout that gets you results where it counts the most.”
  10. Injury prevention: Strengthen your core to prevent injury occurring. 

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