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The 10 best booty building tracks to teach this week


There is no doubt we are a generation in love with a big booty. Early pioneers such as J Lo and Destiny’s Child made a meaty rear end the next sexy asset to celebrate by showcasing their voluptuous frames across music videos and red carpets alike. The rise of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2007 gave the butt another kick in the pants in a previously skinny-frame idealising society while today Iggy AzaleaNikki Minaj and Meghan Trainor rejoice in their curvy derrières with conversation-sparking pop music (accompanied with seriously racy clips). 

Today we have a thriving cosmetic industry surrounding the butt with surgeons witnessing a rise in procedures such as butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts (where fat is taken from the stomach or hips and inserted in the butt, OUCH!), in addition to non surgical options such as padded underwear and shape wear designed to enhance the behind. So popular are the surgeries, tabloids across the globe constantly guess which celebs have had the procedures- who can forget Kim K’s public x-ray stunt to prove her gluteus maximus is 100% naturalé.

And it’s not just pop stars and celebrities making the big butt inescapable, fitness social media icons such as Jen Selter have inadvertently created the term ‘belfie’ by their increasingly popular (you guessed it) butt-selfies taking Instagram by storm, not to mention countless ‘big butt’ fitspo’s, Pinterest how-to’s and facebook fan pages.

It is safe to say we are firmly set in the age of booty, where having a little junk the trunk is good and Baby Got Back can make our top 10 favourite dance tracks - but how do we get a rocking rump?

Here are the 10 best booty building tracks as determined by some of your favs that you can teach this week as well as some coaching and motivational cues.

BODYATTACK® - Michael Montgomery
My favourite BODYATTACK® track to fire up the glutes is the Athletic Strength track of BODYATTACK® 87. The functional single leg and bottom half squat combos drive intensity and ensure that the steering wheel of the lower body is firing!

BODYBALANCE® - Libby Howard
The best track in BODYBALANCE® to work the butt is Track 7 - Core Back. Every release features postures like pointer, locust and shoulder bridge to challenge the entire posterior chain and shape your glutes! Once you add the amazing postures in standing strength and the butt stretches in hips and twists you really will have the best looking butt in town.

BODYCOMBAT® best butt track... Hmmmmm, so many to chose from!  Track 6 'Black Widow' release 64 however was the first that came to mind!

Nothing like lunges, front kicks & switch lunges to get your glutes in the game!  Wicked music that helps drive you through the fatigue of a BURNING backside!  AWESOME!

BODYJAM® - Louise Ullah
Every one of our amazing BODYJAM® routines are great for the butt, we jump, squat, turn, twist, lunge and thrust! We’ve seen a lot of Beyonce tracks that work wonders for the Glutes, they are quite often focused on hip isolations so anything Beyonce works your booty! Our most recent Beyonce booty tracks are in BODYJAM® 72 with ‘Partition’ and release 44 with ‘Get me bodied’.

BODYPUMP®- Emily Gillies
My fav butt track is 'Sweet Nothing' in BP 87. Two and a half minutes of straight lunges on each leg focussing on a contrast of slow and fast twitch movements with slow controlled bottom halves and super slows to maximise pre load, then loads of singles to develop glute and leg power and speed. The best!!

BODYSTEP® - Jamie Winbank
We all know that BODYSTEPpers are known to have the best butts in the business (due to the glute work that the entire program offers). Actually let's be honest, it's the genetics of BODYSTEPPERS, we're just made with great butts. BUT, if I had to choose a track that would maximise your gluteus maximus it would come down to: "Oh Mama Hey!" from BS94 and for those playing at home that use original music, "Voodoo Child" BS63. Each of these tracks deliver a kick butt workout, targeting all aspects of the glutes due to the multidirectional training aspect of the knee repeaters and lunges. 

BODYVIVE® - Jamie Winbank
My favourite track for butt's... well it hasn't been released yet. "Uptown Funk" from release 35 has to be my FAVOURITE butt training tracks.

Why, well I'm going to give you 3.1 (see what I did there) reasons:

1. It's a classic hips track - the moves are easy but challenging!

2. The inclusion of our normal step touch movement with tubing helps tone and strengthen the glutes through dynamic movement. 

3. The track uses small controlled balance movements to really target deep into the glute medius and maximus. 

And .1: The combination of functional movement and resistance training together with an awesome song makes working your butt off even more achievable and fun.

CXWORX® - Justine Switalla
That's easy, standing strength 2 in CXWORX® is all about your booty! This track really focus's on strengthening your whole posterior chain with the glutes being the major focus. It's an awesome track where participants can really feel the burn in their booty's! 

GRIT™ - Agnes Bago
To choose between the three programs of the GRIT SERIES is difficult and there are so many fantastic  “butt building” tracks within all STRENGTH, CARDIO, and PLYO releases. However the first to come to mind is ‘BREAKING A SWEAT’ from GRIT STRENGTH 2.

A gutsy, muscular inferno of pure strength training with the heaviest bar weighted Squats possible teamed together with Sumo Bench Plyo Squats are the perfect combination guaranteed to produce results and make a remarkable impression in one’s anaerobic threshold. This track is memorable for me as it’s also my initial training module track I had to present. A little biased maybe?!

RPM™ - Jako Misic
RPM is a program that focuses on the butt/glutes in every track and every class. An efficient pedal stroke will engage the glutes and help to make them toned and strong. RPM 64 Track 7 Black Velvet is a standout for this. The slow and steady beat allows you to really focus on the pedal stroke and the pull phase that engages the glutes and builds strength and tones the butt. Its a massive track and the workout factor is high which makes it even better..

SH’BAM® - Nathan Keene
I think definitely Drummer Boy from SH’BAM® three challenges your butt in the low hip rolls. The sexy feel of the music allows you to get down low and feel the burn.