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Winter Nutrition and what's yum!


We spend 5 minutes with the Merry Maker Sisters and ask them all our lingering questions about winter food choices.

I don’t really like the taste of vegetables how do you recommend I get my 5 serves a day?

We could be cheeky and say make our pumpkin choc sweetener free brownie (that's totally one serve! Ok, let's be serious, veggies are VIP! To make your veggies super tasty we'd recommend cooking them in butter, bacon fat or bone broth! If that's not your thing then let's talk herbs and spices, because they make EVERYTHING better! Try paprika and cinnamon (yes together!) in your next veggie fry up! Have the mindset of adding veggies to every single meal and you'll reach your goal of 5 daily serves very easily! What's for breakfast you ask? Well, we love sautéed zucchini, pumpkin and spinach with scrambled eggs... don't forget to add avo (it's technically a fruit but it's oh so good for you!). 

What fruits and veggies are coming into season?

Yay! Winter is all about citrus fruits! Yes! Mandarins and oranges... delish! PLUS, don't forget strawberries! As for veggies, whack a celeriac in to your shopping trolley - they're super delish and make for a perfect alternative to mashed potato! PLUS brussel sprouts... which are totally on trend at the moment! We love to sauté them with onion and bacon, then quickly crisp them up in the oven! Talk about yum!

What is the best snack to eat as an energy boost before a gym session?

We'd say a quick boost of good fats is the way to go! A handful of walnuts or even a piece of our sweetener free chocolate! Energy coming at cha!

What’s your favourite winter comfort food recipe? 

Anything made in a slow cooker is our favourite. We love how they make the whole house smell amazing all day long! Make our slow cooked beef cheeks and add a side of that celeriac mash we were talking about and HELLO epic, yum dinner (with leftovers for lunch!)

What are natural remedies to beating the winter sniffles? 

Winter is the perfect time to make sure your immunity is boosted with natural deliciousness like turmeric, ginger, garlic, coconut oil and berries! You can read all about this here:

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