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Staying Active Over The Holiday Period


With the Christmas period upon us, here are five hot tips to keep you active and healthy without impeding on your holiday enjoyment. 

Soft Sand Running
Take advantage of your time spent outdoors and at the beach this holiday season and try soft sand running. Soft sand running will give you a better work out than running on grass or asphalt as you need to lift your legs higher stabilising your core as the sand moves beneath you. Ease into it by alternating between soft and hard sand to avoid injury to joints. Tip: If you are a beginner, make sure you wear shoes to provide your feet with support, before working your way up to barefoot. 

Add a new pair of runners to your Christmas wish list
I don’t know about everyone else but the quickest way to get me off the couch and into a BODYATTACK® class is to wag a new pair of shiny Reebok’s under my nose. Ask for a new pair of runners this Christmas, this way you can throw out those stinky things you are embarrassed to pull out of your gym bag, and you can kick off your 2014 routine to a great start! Your feet will thank you too!

Exercise on Christmas Day
You didn’t sleep in on Christmas morning as a kid so why break tradition now? Your day is going to be packed with salty snacks, desserts and overindulgence, so sneak in a quick workout before breakfast. Your run, swim, or jump-on-the-kids-new-trampoline, will kick-start your day, providing you with energy, endorphins and a guilt free appetite.

Play with your kids
Is it your family’s tradition, that after Christmas Day lunch, the kids whip out the cricket set while the adults sit around complaining they ate too much?  As a child there was nothing more exciting than Uncle Craig ditching the afternoon nap and joining in whatever game you were playing. Super Soaker fights were way more fun with 4 or 5 middle aged men running around like they were going to battle! Join in with kids, it will make their day, and make you feel a whole lot better too.

Set goals for the New Year
There is no better time to set a goal for the New Year than right now! Inspiration is on an all time high, dreaming of all the possibilities 2014 could hold for you.  Start thinking, what sort of things would you like to accomplish in the New Year.  Have you been thinking you would love to complete a half marathon, but just don’t feel you are strong enough? Start training. Considering becoming a vegetarian? Research recipes.  Want to become an Instructor in a new program? Register for a BORN TO MOVE™ Module.[1] Set your goals early so come January 1 you are ready to go.