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BODYPUMP: Strength in numbers


If you’re serious about getting strong, lean and toned then take the path of resistance. Choose an approach that works, an approach that’s got the numbers to back it up. 

Every week millions of people push their way through a BODYPUMP™ workout. There are 51,000 certified instructors who take to the stage and teach BODYPUMP in 15,000 clubs around the world.

It’s not only a staple on fitness club timetables, BODYPUMP draws thousands of people at massive global fitness events like ONE LIVE.

People flock to BODYPUMP because it works. In just 55-minutes you power through between 800 and 1200 reps – more than four times as many reps as you would achieve in a regular workout. It’s not solely strength training, there’s a decent cardio kick. You can burn up to 430 calories1 in a single workout.

BODYPUMP has been attracting fans for 25 years. It is the original barbell class, and every three months a new release with different moves and fresh music is unleashed. The iconic workout is now knocking on the door of 100 BODYPUMP releases.

With a global team of fitness professionals, creative directors, university researchers, doctors, sports scientists and music professionals working behind the scenes, each release raises the bar and ensures that BODYPUMP remains at the cutting-edge of exercise.

If you’re yet to experience BODYPUMP, or simply haven’t done it in a while, you need to give it a burn.

Millions of people can’t be wrong.