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Introducing Johnny Pawliw


SH’BAM Head Program Coach

Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific we are excited to welcome Johnny Pawliw into the role of Head Program Coach (HPC) for SH’BAM.  

At 19, Johnny began his Les Mills journey, initially enrolling in BODYPUMP training bringing energy, passion and sheer determination. He hasn’t slowed down since.

“When I was 18 I sustained a laceration to my arm which severed my nerves preventing any form of movement in my left hand. This threatened to stop me from performing any form of exercise again. When someone says no to me, it just triggers an internal drive. I was determined to make this no a yes. Fast forward twelve months and I had regained full use of my hand and enrolled in my Cert III and IV course. Twelve months after that, I was enrolled to do my first Les Mills Training, BODYPUMP!” he says.

A Group Fitness Instructor for over twelve years, International Trainer and Presenter, DVD Presenter at LMAP and Reebok Sponsored Athlete are just some of his amazing feats. Johnny holds a Bachelor in Health Science and has a definite zest for life.

When asked about the biggest high in his fitness industry career, Johnny recalls two.

“The first was being able to be part of launching SH’BAM in Australia. The second was being able to be part of the filming experience. Both as equally exciting and humbling.” He says

So what does the new Head Program Coach love most about SH’BAM?

“I love the freedom that you can have with the program. Everything goes and everything is encouraged! This, with the amazing music is just a winning combination!” he says  

“The first thing I did as Head Program Coach was help prepare for this year’s Les Mills Live. I was truly honoured and excited to help contribute to such an amazing event” he says

It’s clear that Johnny is passionate about the fitness industry. But who inspires him?

“There are so many people who I see as inspirations! One that always stays close to my heart is my first Group Fitness Manager - Yvonne Thomas. I can't express into words how this woman changed my life and watching her own journey is far beyond inspirational. Her strength, courage and her ability to just help others is why so many people are drawn to her.” He says

The future continues to look bright for Johnny, with a goal to own his own fitness club in five years time. We wish him every success and are confident that Johnny’s skills will see him providing wonderful support for the TR1BE and inspiration for the next generation of Trainers, Presenters and Instructors.

Please join us in congratulating Johnny and welcoming him to the role. We are thrilled to have him in this crucial position and are very excited about the future of SH’BAM.