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How to stay motivated through the festive season


Sometimes the festive season can get a little too, well ‘festive’ for us, and we completely stuff ourselves with food, dessert and alcohol while sitting on our butts all day. Here at Les Mills we hope you enjoy the season to be jolly - after all those mince pies aren’t going to eat themselves. We wish you a Merry Christmas and leave you with some advice from Emma, Iain and Amanda on how to stay motivated when all you want to do it nap!

Emma Vandenberg, BODYPUMP and CXWORX Trainer

Staying motivated during the Xmas holiday period may be as simple as a shift in mind set perception. For me, there's no "off season" for treating myself with love and respect - the Xmas period is no different.

I know that what I put in my body and how I treat myself is going to reflect how I feel so if I fuel it with sugar, alcohol and crap - and don’t move - the chances are I'm going to feel fairly unmotivated, tired and low in energy. Over the Xmas period I continue to choose things that are going to me feel good.

Know your body, understand and listen to what makes you feel good, instead of taking the “stuff it" attitude and sabotaging yourself knowing you’re going to come away from each day feeling undernourished or guilty. 

At this time of year I eat more fresh seafood, fruit and salads. I usually have some celebratory beverages but not everyday because it doesn't make me feel good. (Except this year because I'll be 7 months pregnant) My training will reflect how I feel - I love summer - so more beach walks, yoga and swimming!

Over all, remember that health/fitness/wellness isn't something we want to turn on and off.  It's a lifestyle choice, so allow yourself treats without feeling guilty moderation & taking a healthy approach is the key

Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year with your family 

Iain Hennessey, RPM Trainer

During the working year I do the majority of my exercise in the group fitness room, Les Mills programs do such a great job of motivating, whether you’re instructing the class or participating.

I know over the holiday period most people have a change of routine, myself included, so finding a motivator is the key factor in whether we keep moving or collapse in a heap and have to get back on the band wagon again in the new year. My big motivator over the summer holidays is the great outdoors, sunny weather, beaches, parks, fresh air and a sense of space.

I see the holiday period as an opportunity for me to do some exercise out doors, which I don’t have as much time for throughout the year. That with the fact that I usually do 6am classes means I naturally wake up with the birds, and the beach or Kings park in Perth at 6am in summer is just magical. So I take the holiday period to get out in to nature for a jog, a bike ride, an ocean swim or a few sets of stairs at Perth’s Jacobs Ladder with an amazing view over the river. Then just to top it off, I follow it with a coffee and time to chill because I’m not rushing off to work.

My motivation is making the most of our beautiful country, mixed with some physical activity to make me feel alive and finished off with a coffee and some down time. 

Amanda Breen, RPM Trainer

Stay active! While you may have to deviate from your usual routine, it's important to keep moving. Take the pressure off yourself and try not to think about every workout having to be a PB - enjoy a lighter intensity workouts like walks or stretching, but just keep your body moving.  

Make sure you get enough sleep and stay hydrated during this period! It's very hard to stay motivated to achieve your goal, no matter how much you want it, if you're sleep deprived and running on empty. 

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