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What to expect from an Initial Training Module


Are you interested in becoming a Les Mills Instructor but don’t really understand what it entails? We take you through Chloe’s Journey to becoming a GRIT™ Coach and answer all those questions you want to know.

  1. So what is the first step on this amazing Les Mills Journey? Pick a program. The best place to start is having a real love for a program that you attend regularly. We recommend attending as many classes as you can so you understand the program, the tracks and the essence to give you the best advantage possible. 
  1. You will need to find a facility that is willing to endorse you. This means a facility who is willing to provide you with an Instructor to team teach with, to mentor you and provide you with the support you need during the learning process. The facility you choose must be licensed in the program. If you are having difficulty locating a gym contact us and we will help you.
  1. Book in! Click here to find an Initial Training Module in your area. Training not available? Send an expression of Interest to and we will let you know as soon as one is scheduled.
  1. How do I prepare before the training? Eight days before your Initial Training Module you will receive a digital music kit and your track allocations via email. You will need to download the kit to your computer and then you can easily sync the music and educational video with all your devices. You will be allocated one or two tracks depending on your program to learn before the training.
  1. What will we do at the training? The Module is a combination of theory and practical exercises. Come prepared to exercise for approximately 3 to 4 hours per day, in addition to blocks of theoretical lessons ensuring you understand the five key elements of Les Mills Instructing. You will also be expected to present 1 to 2 tracks you have learnt at home the week before the Module.
  1. What happens after I complete training? Start team teaching! Once you have been passed as a trainee, head back to your endorsing club and start team teaching with an existing Instructor. Start with one or two tracks and eventually work your way up to the whole class.
  1. Becoming Certified. This is the Les Mills seal of approval that you have met all the required standards and are a fully qualified Instructor. Certification is your globally recognised qualification, meaning you can teach anywhere in the world, in addition to being a required element to gain Insurance. Advanced Instructor Module 1 is the preferred pathway to gain Certification, book into a training to begin your Certification process. Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 1, focuses on program essence, dramatically improving your technique and revolutionising your approach to advanced coaching. If an AIM isn’t available Les Mills also offer video certification.

Still have some questions? Give us a call on +612 6282 8192 or email us on