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Meet Inge Gnatt, BODYBALANCE® Head Program Coach


Inge had no idea trying BODYBALANCE® as a teenager in Wellington would be such a game changer for her and her future with Les Mills. Inge was already teaching BODYATTACK®, when her Group Fitness Manager (GFM) enrolled her in a BODYBALANCE® Initial Training Module. 

Fast forward to today, Inge has taken on the role of BODYBALANCE® Head Program Coach, leading the team of BODYBALANCE® Trainers and Presenters to create a fitter planet, as well as being a CXWORX® Presenter, BODYSTEP® Instructor, BODYATTACK® Instructor and her day job working in Organisational Development. Busy girl! 

We spent ten minutes with Inge and found out how she coaches, what she loves and why she teaches. 


What do you love about BODYBALANCE®? Do you have a favourite track?

“I adore the music and the fact that as a teacher or participant there is always something more to learn and discover. I enjoy that each class is different.”

Do you have a favourite track?

“I love all the tracks and the way they fit together, so it’s a bit hard to choose just one.  If I did have to, it would be the Sun Salutations because they warming, centring and always focus me.”

Who or what inspires you?

“I have many inspirational people in my life, the most inspiring are people who do things they are passionate about, and do it with kindness.  I am often inspired by my fellow team members and by the people in my modules and classes.”

As an Instructor what are the most important coaching cues?

“Set up!  No matter what happens, set up is the most important thing we can do for the people in our classes.  You can’t be inspirational if nobody knows what to do.”

How do you want your participants to feel when they are in your class?

“I want them to feel successful, engaged physically and mentally, and leave inspired to come back again.”

Have you been to filming?

“I have been to quite a few, off the top of my head BODYBALANCE® 40, 47, 50, 55, 57, 58, 63 and 68. Participating in all the different classes at a filming, teaching with icons like Corey and Kylie really helped me grow as an instructor.”

Just Inge

What other passions do you have?

“I’m really interested in all aspects of Psychology and recently completed a Grad Dip. Going back to study was a huge leap of faith encouraged and inspired by others, that I will always be grateful for taking.   

When I have the weekend off, I love to drink coffee and eat delicious food with friends at the amazing Melbourne cafes.”

What’s your favourite thing about fitness?
“I love discovering what my body is capable of.  I have always been active, fitness this as an extension of everything that I have learnt since the first day I stepped into a ballet class at age 3.”

Favourite place on earth?
“Bed, holidays, working out, fresh air, water, sun, family.”

Favourite person on earth?
“My mum.”

If you had to eat the same food for every meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

If you could have a super power what would it be?
“To freeze time.”

What’s your biggest fear? 
“Any kind of medical procedure.  Yuck!”

Luxury holiday or adventure holiday?

Beach or snow?

When are you happiest?
“When I feel challenged, supported and creative. I love learning, and while I’m one of those people who loves to be busy, I also love my down time.”

From all of us here at Les Mills Asia Pacific, we welcome Inge into her new role and wish her all the best with this new exciting challenge. 

Interested in becoming a BODYBALANCE® Instructor? Click here for more details.