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A typical week with Mark Nu’u


What do you imagine a typical day in the life of a Program Director (PD) looks like? Jet-setting across the globe, performing in front of hundreds if not thousands of eager and fervent fans, before kicking back with mates, listening to awesome music and conjuring up some fitness magic? Well that is definitely an element of PD life, but not an every day occurrence. Mark Nu’u, Program Director shares with us, what a typical week looks like. 


Mark balances his life between work, and home, and is lucky enough to incorporate some awesome workouts into his day. With a job that allows Mark to get his daughter to and from school he enjoys family time while he is at home before jetting around the globe delivering some of the hottest workouts on the globe.

See Mark present BODYSTEP® 100 at ONE LIVE Australia 11-12 April at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and head into the Fitness and Health Expo next door to snap a selfie at the Meet the Program Director session on Sunday at 12.30pm.

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