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Introducing Luke Istomin


When Hollywood hit Australian shores, Luke Istomin, is the name they’re all talking about and is highly sort after to get the stars in shape before they hit the big screen. Luke Istomin isn’t a household name yet, but with what he has in store, it won’t be long until this changes.

So how did this young kid from the Hunter Valley end up as the go to guy for Hollywood’s elite?
With a passion for motorbikes and travel, life was moving in the right direction for Luke, when Casey Stoner (professional motorcycle racer, and two-time MotoGP World Champion) hired him as a PT in 2012, but unfortunately an early retirement by Stoner would close that door for him.

It was while a PT at Fitness First, Bondi Junction our very own Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman saw Luke training clients and was impressed with what he saw. Hugh was in town filming Australia and his PT was unable to travel with him, so Luke was approached to try out for the role.

From there Luke has stayed by Hugh’s side, training him while he’s in town, most recently for his role in Wolverine and through this relationship, he has been introduced to and trained Nicole Kidman,  Leonardo DeCaprio, Ricky Martin, Kate Walsh, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, just to name a few.

From humble beginnings, Luke was always very active and sporty with a passion for Motorcycles, basketball, rugby, jet skiing and snow boarding. But not even he was prepared for what this shy guy who hated public speaking and felt isolated by his stutter would end up achieving at such a young age.

Luke spent his final two years of schooling at St Jospeh’s College in Sydney in 1993– 1994, before moving in to the hospitality industry. It was after a stern word from his father that Luke reevaluated his life and headed to work in the coal mines of the Hunter Valley pulling 12-14 hour shifts on a 6 day week for the next six and a half years. On top of the long hours spent in the mines, Luke found his love in the gym scene which would start to shape his future.

At 25, Luke called it quits with mining and packed up and moved to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney where he trained as a PT and Group Fitness Instructor at Fitness First.
Luke found his feet in the Group Fit space with Les Mills, training in BODYPUMP® with Michelle Bridges back in 1999, before sitting his modules in BODYATTACK®, BODYSTEP® , RPM™ and BODYCOMBAT®.

Unfortunately it was due to a number of injuries from skiing and jet-skiing that Luke would have to make the call to step back and focus on RPM™ as part of his rehab and strengthening while pursuing his career as a Personal Trainer.

In June 2012, Luke and best mate, Rob Deutsch, opened Rollex Health, a boutique health club with a focus on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and circuit based weight training.
Six months later, they were approached by a franchisee who wanted to work with them, resulting in them rebranding to Functional 45 (F45) in April 2013.

An avid supporter of Les Mills Smart Tech equipment, F45 was one of the first businesses to place an order when the product hit the market two years ago.
When asked what he loves about it, Luke replies “The design, simplicity, convenience and its user- friendliness. Anyone can pick it up and use the equipment. The SMARTBAR™ allows for quick transitions while the SMARTSTEP™ has great functionality. We use it in our training with our F45 clients and I also use it as a Personal Trainer.”
F45 is growing rapidly both in Australia and New Zealand, with over 40 franchises due to be open by Christmas. 

It would be easy to assume that being a highly sort after Personal Trainer to the stars would be the ultimate achievement in life. But for Luke, he says, “While it’s great fun, I get more satisfaction from seeing everyday people doing great things, than great people doing everyday things.”
“Seeing my clients turn themselves around from leading a life of self destruction to gaining self-confidence - to me that’s why I get up each day. I recently trained an individual who I was introduced to at 185kg. He literally couldn’t do more than 3 punches and 2 steps on a step machine before calling it quits. Eleven months later, he’s 120kg and I’m so proud of where he has got to.”

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be weight you’re battling with, everyone is facing their own demons and our role in the fitness industry is to give them some relief when they’re with us. Growing up I had a stutter and lacked self-confidence. The thought of been on TV and radio freaked me out, but I’ve been fortunate to be able to work on it and while it’s still not second nature, I’ve improved dramatically from where I was.”

So what’s the next challenge for Luke?
“It’s time to get stuck in to LIFE (Luke Istomin Fitness Experience), due to launch nationally in September. The philosophy behind the program is to get everyone moving.”
Luke has been working closely with experts across multiple facets to develop LIFE, a holistic approach to a healthy life aimed at males and females of all ages incorporating diet, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to see what Smart Tech could do for your business, contact us today or 02 6215 8120.