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Reagan Kang


The boy from Penang, Malaysia, who was raised on beautiful beaches and the great outdoors, is quite simply a natural born athlete. One who is taking the internationally acclaimed LES MILLS GRIT™ by storm. Reagan Kang is praised far and wide for his athletic abilities including his incredible strength and agility, his sculpted physique and his natural charisma and charm. You would never guess that this hard body’s two greatest loves outside of his work are his parents and music.

Joining LES MILLS Asia Pacific (LMAP) as a BODYPUMP® trainer and presenter in 2011, Reagan also teaches RPM™, BODYCOMBAT®, CXWORX® and is now also a trainer and presenter for GRIT™ Strength and GRIT™ Cardio. Last year he found himself filming GRIT™ Strength 4 after working with LES MILLS International on the development of the workouts. On his swift rise to international renown, Reagan says, “through the process of auditions and boot camp training, I’m guessing that Lady Luck must have fancied me quite a bit.”

His work with LMAP has recently taken him from his hometown in Malaysia to a permanent base in Singapore where he teaches in various clubs and travels for workshops and modules. In spite of his recent experiences, Reagan says, “my life hasn’t really changed that much. The love and passion I have for my work comes from helping other people achieve more than they thought they could. At the end of the day, the people’s smiles and priceless facial expressions in front of me have changed the way I look at things.” While Reagan loves working and living in different countries and meeting new people, he is quick to declare “nothing ever feels like home.”

Reagan has been involved in sports since he was a young boy; his main discipline being swimming. “I took my first dip in the pool when I was seven and it went on for 13 years. It was an awesome journey to swim at national levels, especially learning how important discipline and dedication is in being able to reach your goals.”

Reagan’s most memorable experience with LES MILLS is “definitely doing the GRIT™ Strength 4 filming and training to be an athlete again.” Apart from the motivation and inspiration Reagan receives from teaching and training, his role models for everything he aspires to in life are his parents. “They would do anything for me and that’s the kind of love that dominates any strength.”

Reagan states, “The best thing about being involved with LES MILLS GRIT™ is that you know you’re about to coach a workout that’s going to make people hate you, but in the end they love you more when you get to the finish line as a team. The team feeling is the best feeling in the world.”

Outside of work, Reagan second biggest love is music. He says, “I LOVE MUSIC! I enjoy going to music festivals, especially in different countries. It’s the same as how LES MILLS portray the feeling of sharing our love of the life-changing fitness experience. You can’t get too much of love, can you?”

Regan’s Top three tips for teaching an electrifying LES MILLS GRIT™ workout:

  1. Watch the DVD
  2. Practice
  3. Have fun and always be yourself. Everyone else is taken so why not just be you?

By Clare Hallas


Clare comes from a marketing background and currently works for LES MILLS Asia Pacific as a National Trainer and Presenter in BODYATTACK®, BODYSTEP® and CXWORX®. She also teaches BODYPUMP® and RPM™ and is based in Melbourne.