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Wendy Elphinstone


Our newest Aussie DVD star is none other than Wendy Elphinstone, who features on this quarter’s release, BODYSTEP® 91. Wendy has been a National Trainer and Presenter for LES MILLS Asia Pacific (LMAP) for over 13 years and is known and loved by the entire local LES MILLS crew. Soon she will be known and loved by instructors all over the world! Not only is she an amazing BODYSTEP® guru, she is a genuine, loving and very funny lady. Her classes are hilarious, yet at the same time she is sincere in her desire to help people become healthy and happy.

Wendy’s fitness journey began after she finished high school. She grew up dancing and then, she says, “I went to uni and got fat, so I began doing aerobics and weight training. I ended up teaching freestyle aerobics and doing my own weight training prior to LES MILLS coming to Australia”. Signs of greatness were already showing, as Wendy was also involved with Surf Lifesaving and won a state title rowing in the women’s surf boats. “I rowed at the Aussie Titles but compressed a disc in my spine at Kurrawa Beach and was forced to retire”.

As with many of LMAPs senior trainers who started teaching group fitness in the early 90s, Wendy admits, “I taught freestyle step and circuits whilst wearing my g-string on the outside of my lycra onesy!” BODYPUMP® was the first of seven LES MILLS programs Wendy trained in and she has been a Trainer and Presenter for BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP® and RPM™ over the years.

Born and raised in rural Tasmania, Wendy thought she knew what her future held. “I imagined from a very young age that I was going to be a married school teacher with two kids, living a happy yet unassuming life in Tasmania”. LES MILLS changed those plans just a little! “LES MILLS has given me opportunities in my life which I never imagined I could experience. I’ve worked with amazing people, I’ve travelled to places I’ve never dreamed of, had incredible experiences, and my dreams have come true through filming a BODYSTEP® DVD!”

With such wonderful achievements comes hard work and Wendy explains the flip side of the life of a LES MILLS Trainer/Presenter:

Being a Trainer/Presenter is very hard work, so please don’t think it comes easy or gets easier, as it doesn’t. There have been many tears on my part over the years, moments of frustration or embarrassment, but there has also been elation, challenge, excitement, adrenaline, laughter … and most of all there has always been LOVE. The love of the program, the love of team mates and the love of being part of something bigger – sending love around the world through building a fitter planet. Feeling like I’m doing my part towards that has changed my life.

The school teacher part of Wendy’s original vision of her life did come true, as this talented woman also works full-time as a teacher in a school for children with special needs. Of her very full life, Wendy says, “It is demanding, but incredibly satisfying. In between school and LES MILLS I just do normal girlie stuff like hanging out with friends, shopping, going to the beach, movies, coffees, going to the footy to see the Sydney Swans and seeing concerts.”

Wendy has many BODYSTEP® role models and refused to name a favourite! “I love the original and best, Ruthie Teina, and I’ve secretly been in love with Mark Nu’u forever! But I love my original Trainer for her energy and bounce, Lisa Osbourne, and of course, Sarah Robinson for her sass.

By Clare Hallas


Clare comes from a marketing background and currently works for LES MILLS Asia Pacific as a National Trainer and Presenter in BODYATTACK®, BODYSTEP® and CXWORX®. She also teaches BODYPUMP® and RPM™ and is based in Melbourne.