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Introducing Dallas Blacklaw


Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific we are excited to welcome Dallas Blacklaw into the role of Head Program Coach (HPC) for SPRINT.  

Dallas began his Les Mills journey, initially enrolling in RPM training bringing energy, passion and a wealth of experience. It seems he was always destined to make his mark on the fitness industry.

“I played team sports (Soccer, League and Rugby Union) as a kid growing up on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I discovered triathlon in the late 90’s and spent the best part of ten years racing Sprint, Olympic and Half/Full Ironman distance triathlon. My love of all things fitness led me to complete a Diploma in Sport and Recreation and on completion I started working as a personal trainer in a gym at Noosa. My obsession with bike riding naturally drew me towards RPM and did my Initial module training on RPM 34 with the lovely and talented Wendy Elphinstone” he says

When asked about the biggest high in his fitness industry career, Dallas recalls three special memories.

“I have been lucky enough to experience some awesome moments in my fitness career so far...


TOP 3 would be:

  1. Getting to be part of SPRINT and RPM at Les Mills Live in Melbourne in our purpose built studio.
  2. Seeing the positive growth in instructors at Initial Module and Advanced Instructor Training Modules still blows my mind every time.
  3. Being part of the filming process for RPM 66 and 69 and getting to share the stage with my LMAP brothers and sisters as well as Glen and Sarah and learning so much from the masters Lee Smith & Chris Richardson” he says

So what does the new Head Program Coach love most about SPRINT?

“There are several major points that I really love about the SPRINT program.

Firstly the ability for people that love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) but for one reason or another can’t do impact based HIIT, they can still get the benefits and feeling of HIIT without the impact and range of movement that is normally required to get the desired heart rate training zone.

The fact that it is all done in 30 minutes suits busy lives, and fits the industry trend of time efficiency.

The simplicity of the program and the incredible music provides a solid foundation to give coaches the ability to say less and achieve more by role modeling intensity from the front and driving the workout down in the trenches, through floor coaching and providing intensity and technique management in real time to help SPRINT participants to reach their high end training limits safely” he says

It’s clear that Dallas is passionate about the fitness industry. But who inspires him?

“All those who have led the way and have done their part to make their mark on the fitness landscape. The first person that made me stand up and take notice was and still is Nathan Jones, he brings a passion and culture that commands respect and breaks down barriers” he says

It doesn’t appear as though life is slowing down for Dallas anytime soon, with plans to stay in the industry, help mentor upcoming instructors and continue to inspire through his classes. We wish him every success and are confident he will provide some wonderful contributions to the Les Mills tr1be. 

Please join us in congratulating Dallas and welcoming him to the role. We are very excited about the future of SPRINT.