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A sixteen year love affair with BODYBALANCE


Walking into a BODYBALANCE class when Angela Brooks is on the stage is not only incredibly inspirational but extremely authentic. Gentle and calm, yet strong and powerful, Angela encapsulates the essence of the program beautifully. An Instructor since the infancy of the program, this September will mark Angela’s 64th release teaching the yoga style Les Mills program.

BODYBALANCE, among the most popular Les Mills programs, sees participants bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves in addition to embracing elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Setting itself apart from a traditional yoga class an inspiring soundtrack plays throughout the practise while participants focus on breathing control. Instructors provide options for all levels of experience as participants strengthen their entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centred.

A notable difference between yoga and BODYBALANCE is the use of music to not only add ambiance to the practise but to set the flow of the program. Angela identifies music as a particular contrast between traditional yoga and BODYBALANCE, “I adore music, and the choice of music in BODYBALANCE is simply amazing!” In a typical class participants work through 10 tracks each with a different focus providing a holistic practise accessible to almost anyone. When asked if she thinks music assists the practise Angela responds, “the music creates atmosphere which motivates participants and keeps them coming back.”

Angela discovered the program, in 1999 when a friend asked Angela to join her in a class at their local gym. After a life long career in dance, BODYBALANCE seemed like a natural progression for her. “Classical dance was my love and I danced professionally until I married.”  

In the 16 years Angela has known BODYBALANCE the program has evolved to deliver what it is today. “Since release six which was when I began my BODYBALANCE journey, the program has changed immensely. It has always been great but has improved over the years to its now excellent standard.”

We asked Angela what she had learnt about the program in the last 16 years and what advice she would give to other Instructors, “you must be passionate about the programme and this will flow to the participants.”

Interested in becoming a BODYBALANCE Instructor? Visit here for more information.