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Making the Leap from Participant to Instructor Bek Shinn, RPM™


It all started at the end of 2011. A near accidental diet change saw Bek, from Elanora QLD, buying steak and eating vegies, instead of packet pastas and cheap processed meals. “When I started my chance diet, I weighed in at 159kgs but in a matter of months, simply eating right I shed 15kgs! ”

In January 2012 Bek joined her first gym with her friend Ben. “I searched for a gym with a solid group fitness offering because I knew I’d need something to push me.” Starting with BODYPUMP, “I remember struggling so much with those tiny 1.25kg weight plates. Squatting was hard, lunging was harder, but the instructor always gave us options, and standing up the back right of that first class I managed to make it through the entire 10 tracks.” Bek admits she struggled at first, working muscles that hadn’t been worked before is difficult for anyone, but she walked back through those doors into another class the following week and then another the week after. Bek constantly challenged herself track by track, whether it be to add more weight, or to take less breaks in between, “I loved the challenge and how the class worked every bit of me.”

Before Bek had even been training 12 months she had dropped down to 80kgs, literally halving her bodyweight. “I had been doing some of my own weight sessions, controlling my own diet, and doing some cardio on the gym floor. But what I really loved was those BODYPUMP classes!” 

She went on to try a cycle class at the end of 2012 and to be frank, absolutely hated it. “I thought oh my god, I’ll never do that again!” One of my gym buddies kept asking me to attend RPM with her, it took months of her trying but one day she convinced me to go. “That was about April 2013 it wasn’t so bad.”  The next day she did it again. “Starting to love it. I’d mix up my mornings between RPM and BODYPUMP. Not many weeks went by where I didn’t do both, and then towards the end of 2013 one of my instructors told me I’d suit being an instructor myself.”

Bek jumped onto the Les Mills website and saw a RPM training was coming up in her area, seeking endorsement from her club she signed up immediately, “I haven’t looked back since.”

Now Bek instructs in a few different gyms with permanent classes, and loves to share her story where she can. “It’s the amazing feeling and consistency of Les Mills classes that have definitely helped me on the journey. The mix of the music, the passion of the instructors, and the well written choreo that really helped me through.”

Today Bek throws a BODYPUMP class in where she can and loves things like CXWORX and BODYCOMBAT as well as GRIT, “however BODYPUMP and RPM will always be my faves!”

“I’m currently at the 80kg mark - half my initial weight.  I’ve gotten there myself without any surgery or ‘plans’ from others, just some help with different exercises and of course Group Fitness while listening to my body!”

Bek is trained in RPM (Aim 1) and Born To Move 6-16.

Interested in making the leap? Click here for more details.